Beck's Hybrids Soybean Seed

The threat of serious weed resistance is real. Glyphosate resistant weeds have been documented in the United States. Therefore, Respect the Rotation™ and plant Beck’s LibertyLink® herbicide resistant soybeans.

  • Conquer weed resistance before it’s a major problem
  • Costs for the LibertyLink soybean system is competitive
  • The only non-selective herbicide option to glyphosate


Seed Treatments


Using Escalate™ yield enhancement system means maximizing your farm’s yield potential.

What makes Escalate different? Not only is Escalate a proprietary mix of yield enhancing products, it comes standard on all Beck’s seed at no additional cost. By incorporating extensive quality control measures, Escalate provides an added yield benefit compared to untreated seed and other industry standard treatments.

Science down to the seed. Offering insect protection, improved stands and seedling health, Escalate’s unique blend is sealed onto each seed using a polymer coating. Through an exclusive-to-Beck’s application method, the polymer coating ensures maximum seed protection and coverage.

In addition, the highest quality ingredients from multiple sources are used to create our unique mix of fungicides, insecticides and biologicals. Escalate utilizes the highest rates of fungicides in the industry, allowing for early season planting, as well as improved plant stands, vigor and yield.


Escalate shows a profit increase per unit and yield advantage per acre in corn, soybeans and wheat. Price per unit figured as Yield Advantage X Market Price (as of October 2014) X Acres planted per unit. Bu./A. advantage taken from Beck’s multi-year Practical Farm Research (PFR)® data.

Why does it work better than competitive seed treatments?

  • High and/or highest labeled rates for all active ingredients (e.g. Poncho® 1250/VOTiVO®)
  • More uniform rate and application per seed
  • Premium polymer coating for maximum seed protection
  • Pre-package treating offers superior quality and less seed damage compared to third party treatment systems
  • Comes standard on all Beck’s seed at no extra charge
  • Premium polymer coating for maximum seed protection

If there is a need to replant a field of Beck’s corn, soybeans, wheat or elite alfalfa, as determined by a Beck’s representative, Beck’s will furnish the seed and royalties FREE.


We will attempt to provide the same product for replant as customer originally planted. Substitutions of some products may be necessary. Replant must be planted in the same crop year as originally planted.