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RightSpot Display

Nozzle-By-nozzle control

Instant nozzle by nozzle swath control. Up to 144 nozzles supported.

Consistent coverage across any terrain

Flow rate and pressure are controlled independently, allowing for a consistent rate across a variety of conditions.


Increased Productivity and Speed

Speed up or slow downaccurate at a wider range of speeds. 

Industry leading visibility 

Visibility in and out of the cab and year-round control with InCommand.

DirectCommand from Ag Leader

When it Comes to Application, Be InCommand With liquid, granular, nh3, and strip till.

Load and Go – Easy Setup

Takes time and stress out of setting up your machine. When using ISOBUS controllers, existing configuration is automatically pulled into the display. Pre-defined nozzle settings are also available to make setup quick.


Reduces overapplication and product waste by automatically turning the applicator (liquid or granular) on/off based on field boundaries and already-applied areas as it passes over the field. Control up to 36 boom sections or 144 using task control.

Pressure Fallback

When the target rate is small or when applying with most of the boom sections off, our system will automatically read the more accurate feedback of the pressure sensor rather than the flow meter, ensuring proper application rate at all times.

Rate Control and Flow Monitoring

Access your maps and field information anytime, anywhere when everything is automatically synced to the cloud.

ISOBUS and Serial Connectivity

Universal Terminal provides the ability to control ISOBUS-compliant implements. Additionally, many controllers are compatible through serial control.

Easy Reporting

Automatically generate SmartReport .pdf reports that provide location, product information, applied totals, as-applied maps and more right from the display; these are immediately available on your iPad.

InCommand 1200 application
DirectCommand Auto Swath

When It Comes to Granular Application, Be InCommand

Rate Control

Control, adjust and record field application based on target rates or variable rate prescription.

Container Sequencing

An easy way to allow for application of the same product (discrete products or blends) sequentially from multiple containers.

Smart Report

Automatically generate SmartReport PDFs that provide location, product information, applied totals, as-applied maps and more right from the display.

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