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May 13 2013

Tired of down time from not having enough satellites?

May 13th, 2013|Ag Leader, Glonass, GPS, Iowa RTN|0 Comments

I spent some time today working with my new Geosteer on my tractor, and just happened to be looking at the GPS diagnostics screen when it dropped down to 4 available satellites and the PDOP shot to 50! For those of you that aren't familiar with these numbers, we try to have no less than [...]

Jul 20 2009

IaRTN update

July 20th, 2009|Iowa RTN|0 Comments

Below is the lastest e-mail I received from the Iowa DOT about the RTN. Sounds like the problem is rooted pretty deeply. I disagree with the statement about "networks world-wide that are experiencing somewhat similar problems." I spoke in depth with a collegue last week running on the Ohio DOT network with none of these [...]

Jul 7 2009

Iowa RTN Problems?

July 7th, 2009|Iowa RTN|0 Comments

Below is straight off the Iowa RTN website looks to me like there are some issues yet to be worked out, which relates exactly to what I have been seeing all spring running this network.(see previous post - )IaRTN users have reported having problems with initialization, frequent base changes and shot repeatability the [...]