Apr 22 2015

The importance of managing your data and keeping it secure – tips to avoid data loss

April 22nd, 2015|Ag Leader, data management, HTS Ag, Precision Agriculture, SMS, software|0 Comments

With planting season now upon us, it is the time of year to be thinking about the data that you are collecting as you go across the field, as it becomes increasingly important each year to make management decisions from.  I was asked a while back what I thought was the most important data to [...]

Oct 8 2013

Where did you combine this morning?

October 8th, 2013|Ag Leader, Ayrstone, combine, data management, GPS, HTS Ag, Integra, Precision Agriculture, SMS, software, yield monitors|0 Comments

I haven't had a chance to leave the office yet today, but I already have a map of where the combine ran this morning to get a sample and see how dry the beans are.  No, the combine doesn't run itself (yet).  My uncle is there and ran a couple short passes to get a sample [...]

Dec 27 2011

How do you make data pay?

December 27th, 2011|data management, software, yield monitors|0 Comments

How do you make data pay?  The data will lead you to management decisions that make a difference to your bottom line. What hybrid should I plant?  That decision is made each year on my farm by looking over the performance of the ones I have planted on each farm.  I run a number of [...]

Jul 19 2010

New Software Platform Announced from Ag Leader

July 19th, 2010|Ag Leader, SMS Mobile PC, software|0 Comments

Ag Leader announced today that their SMS Mobile software will now run on a PC.  Many have asked me if they could get SMS Mobile with a bigger screen, and this is how that is now possible.  This new software release, called SMS Mobile PC, will run on laptops, tablets, and netbooks running Windows XP, [...]

Aug 25 2009

Data Management

August 25th, 2009|data management, SMS, software|0 Comments

So often we forget about one of the most important things in Precision Ag. Everyone talks about hardware; how much money they can save, how much easier it has made field operations. One of the most powerful tools we have available to us is actually the software. The data that is captured from each pass [...]