Dec 14 2015

Check out the November 2015 Issue of Wallaces Farmer!

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Our own Adam Gittins is on the cover of the November 2015 issue of Wallaces Farmer! Click here to read Grain bins with brains & Grain monitoring pays off

Sep 25 2013

How does your Wifi stack up?

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As I talked about in my last post, I have been playing around with an Ayrstone Ayrmesh Hub, providing long range wireless connectivity on my farm.  This has proven to be a very cool product, giving me Wifi connectivity large distances from my house, but things weren't quite so great when I first hooked it [...]

Sep 11 2013

Wifi in Agriculture

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With the recent introduction of Agfiniti (see product info here) from Ag Leader Technology, there have been some doors open into the tech world, allowing for some great technology to cross over into agriculture that we previously have not thought of using on the farm.  One of these technologies is wifi, and being able to [...]

Apr 16 2013

Can we really have autonomous tractors?

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Kinze’s autonomous project definitely got people talking and thinking, which also created a proof of concept so we know it can be done. I believe there are several stepping stones that need to happen between where we are today and widely used autonomous vehicles though. First, we need to have stable wireless communications between vehicles [...]

Apr 23 2012

Current GPS Issues from Space Weather

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The message below is from the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center.  We are currently experiencing a G3 Geomagnetic Storm, which is rated as Strong.   Expect wide-spread GPS outages and poor convergence of everything from WAAS to RTK, and it will affect GPS from all manufacturers.  Systems that do appear to show good signal may [...]

Mar 22 2012

Blow to LightSquared’s Hope

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Sprint Nextel Corp. has canceled a network-sharing agreement with LightSquared Inc., handing billionaire Philip Falcone his biggest setback since regulators grounded the wireless venture last month. Sprint said it will return $65 million in payments it had received from LightSquared. In a separate statement, Reston, Va.-based LightSquared said the return of cash gives it "more [...]

Mar 8 2012

Will Space weather affect my GPS?

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I am sure most everyone has heard something today about the "largest solar flare in 5 years" to hit earth and the mass chaos that will follow.  Turns out,  a solar storm struck Earth's magnetic field early Thursday morning, delivering "a pretty good shock" but not causing any of the geomagnetic disruptions that scientists feared. We are currently [...]

Feb 24 2012

“I can’t justify that, it just won’t pay”

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The title of this post is a comment that I heard from a customer of mine this week, when we were discussing an auto steer system for his new tractor.  My response was, "Let's look at the numbers, and make sure that it is a good investment for your operation." So he shared some numbers from his [...]

Jan 24 2012

Can variable rate planting pay?

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This question has come up a lot to me lately - many farmers are trading planters, and the new one has hydraulic drives on it.  More accurately, the question is "can I do variable rate planting?"  The short answer is yes, but I then follow-up with a return question of what do you want to [...]

Jan 16 2012

Technology for tires?

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I ran across an interesting article on agriculture.com discussing proper care for tires, with a fair bit of information about how technology is starting to be a factor with tires.  Several perspectives here, one of tire pressure monitoring and control, another from GPS control and the patterns that the tractors are driven.  A third angle [...]

Dec 17 2011

The Value of Data

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Precision Ag hardware has made tremendous strides in helping to increase efficiency, reduce costs and operator fatigue, and these things are all very valuable to any sustianable farm operation, but how are you using the data that is captured by all of this hardware?  The data being captured could easily be argued as the most [...]

Dec 12 2011

Ag Leader announces Planter Down Force Monitor and Control

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Here is the official press release from Ag Leader, I will add my thoughts at the end - Ag Leader AnnouncesPlanter Down Force Monitor and Control AMES, IOWA,December 9, 2011 - Ag Leader Technology is excited toannounce the INTEGRA™ display will soon feature planter down force monitor andcontrol capability, allowing the display to monitor and adjust down [...]

Aug 3 2010

Harvest is almost here again!

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It may seem like quite a while from now, but the summer is flying by, and for me, it goes really fast from here until harvest.  First of all, we will have our annual, Pre Harvest Training sessions next week - One in Harlan, and one in Ames.  These are free to attend, but we [...]

Apr 28 2010

ASABE names Jacob Bolson as Newcomer Engineer of the Year

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News Release The Iowa Section of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers has named its 2010 award winners. The awards were presented April 1 during the Section’s 2010 Spring Meeting, held at the Kinze Product Center in Williamsburg, Iowa. Each year ASABE’s Iowa Section recognizes members that have made significant contributions to society and [...]

Feb 3 2010

Greetings from the Iowa Power Farming Show

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A great crowd this year and a lot of interest in SureVacs and grain bin management. Stop by booth number 502 and say hi!

Feb 1 2010

Ag Leader announces new planter shutoffs

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For those of you that have been waiting for a solution on your pro shaft drive planters, Ag Leader now has you covered.  Their innovative new style shutoff makes installation very simple, and provides reliable and repeatable results in the field.  My experience with these in the field has been very good.  They have been [...]

Jan 29 2010

What’s New???

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What is new in the precision ag world?  Well, it has been quite a while since my last post, as it seems like the distraction list from posting some useful information continues to grow.  I will say that my lack of recent posts does not mean that there hasn't been anything happening in the precision [...]

Nov 19 2009

New products explained – INTEGRA

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With all the new products released from Ag Leader at the beginning of the month it has been quite a whirlwind of excitement and many questions have surfaced. I have decided to take one product at a time and try to explain what they can do. This also allows you to get questions asked and [...]

Nov 3 2009

Agriculture Evolved

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Ag Leader has made a whole bunch of new product annoucements today!Intregra - This is the new display packed full of new features - bigger HD screen, camera input, on screen guidance, and autosteeringParaDyme - This is the roof array that allows for autosteering, built in cell modem for CORS network support, and this also [...]

Nov 2 2009

Big annoucement tomorrow?

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I was just on Ag Leader's website this morning and it just pulls up a single page saying, "The Evolution is underway...Visit AGLEADER.COM tomorrow to be the first to see." I don't know what this means, and I'm not going to speculate. I am sure there is going to be a big announcement tomorrow though. [...]

Sep 24 2009

14th annual Precision Agriculture Survey is in

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52% are going to invest more than $10,000 in precision technology in 2009. Even in uncertain economic times, people are spending money on technology, because they can see the effect on the bottom line. As I have said many times before, the money spent on technology will pay for itself. The other real striking thing [...]

Aug 31 2009

Farm Progress Show

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It's that time of year again, and Farm Progress is kicking off this week. I always enjoy this show, because often times vendors will debut new equipment or features at this show. As always, I will post anything I hear about that is new right here on my blog. This year the weather promising, so [...]

Aug 17 2009

Gearing up for Fall

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All across the farming community, it is starting to happen. Machinery is getting serviced and prepared for harvest, some are trading up to a newer piece of machinery. In the process of getting everything ready, don't forget about your precision ag equipment. Spending a bit of time getting the technology ready now can ensure that [...]

Aug 10 2009

Where do I start?

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So many times, I have been asked the question - "Where do I start with this technology, Adam?" My response is nearly always the same - simply put, it doesn't matter where you start, but the time is NOW! Precision Ag really is year round, with advances to planting, spraying, harvesting, and automated steering. The [...]

Aug 4 2009

Great week at Trimble meeting

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Last week I traveled to Alexandria, MN for the Trimble Mid Year Reseller's Meeting. Trimble has made some great strides in the precision ag arena, and I am excited to have been part of it.Trimble trained us on their new Ag 3000 cellular modem, which is used to connect to a VRS or CORS network [...]

Jul 27 2009

Customer Appreciation & Training Days

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We are once again getting to that time of year - time to start thinking about the next busy season in the fields! To help prepare for this, HTS is once again hosting training sessions built around getting you ready for the field. This is a great chance to meet technical staff from Ag Leader, [...]

Jul 9 2009

Ag Leader Academy

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Ground was recently broke in Ames, IA to start the building of Ag Leader Academy, a 25,000 square-foot facility dedicated to providing the ag industry with specialized, hands-on training of precision farming systems.There are never too many ways or places to learn more about the industry and the products you are using. I am personally [...]

Jun 12 2009

Come see the Iowa RTN work for yourself

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I have had my GPS testing expanded since I finished in the field, as I pulled the system from my tractor and have sent it to central and southeastern Iowa to test in some different areas. The results have been pretty impressive, as we have seen better than expected cell signal with the system, and [...]

Jun 1 2009

Finally finished!

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This weekend marked the end of planting for 2009 for me, so I thought I would take a minute to recap thoughts and experiences of the testing I have been doing this spring on the Iowa DOT network as a RTK differential source for my GPS. Here is a quick recap of my equipment and [...]

May 26 2009

Rain and Technology

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Depending on the area of the country you are in, you may be somewhere between finished with planting and still trying to put on NH3. It has been an interesting spring, with weather holding up things in some places, and others having near perfect conditions. For those of you that have been following my blog [...]

May 14 2009

Mild Solar Storm Season Predicted

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I thought this was a pretty interesting article... Brings up some concerning possibilities.Mild Solar Storm Season PredictedAlthough its peak is still four years away, a new active period of Earth-threatening solar storms will be the weakest since 1928, predicts an international panel of experts led by NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center and funded by NASA. [...]

May 8 2009

What do you do?

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I came across a field today that has no cell coverage. This of course means no RTK for my testing. So what do you do?Sent from my Windows Mobile® phone.

May 1 2009

Automatic shutoffs on sprayers

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I went out this morning to work on a sprayer. Patriot sprayer and had a Raven 460 in it. After visiting with the customer a bit, he had a different idea on what he wanted the sprayer to do. We had originally discussed a Raven adapter kit - this would allow him to swap between [...]

Apr 30 2009

Air Clutch Systems Maintenance

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There has been quite a few calls lately about air clutch systems, so I thought I would try and give some tips about the systems to clear things up a bit.Below are the maintenance recommendations from the Manufacturer.Maintenance of Tru Count Air Clutch SystemAir Compressor Water resistant, Not waterproof. Keep in dry location during winter [...]

Apr 28 2009

Catching up on my blog

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So, I realized something today - it has been quite a while since I have posted anything to my blog. Spring has been very good so far, but extremely busy and I haven't taken the time to write or update anything on my blog. With the recent rain, I have had a brief chance to [...]

Feb 21 2009

Customer Appreciation & Precision Ag Training Day

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Tuesday, February 24 in Harlan,and Thursday, February 26 in Ames Hands on demonstrations of the new Edge, EZ-Guide 250, Autopilot, DirectCommand and SeedCommand Get the latest updates for your equipment. Ag Leader personnel on hand Topics Include: ? SeedCommand ? DirectCommand ? GPS and Guidance ? Nh3 ? SMS Desktop and Mobile Software RSVP by [...]

Feb 4 2009

Greetings from the Iowa Power Farmng Show

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There has been a whirlwind of activity here in Des Moines with the annoucement of Ag Leader's new electric clutch, SureStop. Ag Leader has this on display in their booth here at the show.

Feb 2 2009

Ag Leader Enhances SeedCommand™ System with Introduction of Planter Clutch

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Ag Leader Enhances SeedCommand™ System with Introduction of Planter Clutch Ames, Iowa, February 2, 2009 – Today, Ag Leader Technology, Inc., a leader in the developmentof precision farming solutions, introduced the patent-pending SureStop™ electricrow clutch for row crop planters. SureStop clutches, the latest component of Ag Leader’sSeedCommand system, provide growers with a low-maintenance, user-friendly solution [...]

Jan 29 2009

2009 NEATA Conference

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Here is one of the new technologies on display at this year's conference.

Jan 21 2009

The Game Changer

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The FMX12. 1" Touchscreen (35% larger than old FMD) 2 GNSS Receiversoptional built in radio4 video inputs for camerasUSB portPower & Brightness keys in the backCustomizable "support" tab – dealer can put in logo and contact infoBrighter displaySolid metal housingLatest Trimble GNSS engineRTK Fix for up to 40 seconds after last correctionsBattery in Radio door-Runs [...]

Jan 20 2009

New Display from Trimble

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Here it is! The game changer! I will post more on the features later as we learn more. http://www.trimble.com/agriculture/fmx-display.aspx?dtID=overview

Jan 19 2009

Something New?

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I am writing this from the hotel in Denver, CO where we are preparing to attend the Trimble Annual Reseller's meeting. This has typically been the place where Trimble rolls out new products, so we are very excited for the meeting to start this evening. The weather in Denver right now is a bit confusing, [...]

Jan 2 2009

NeATA Conference Schedule Announced

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For those of you that don't know, NeATA stands for Nebraska Agricultural Technologies Association. This is a group tied with University of Nebraska, and they do a very good job of helping to keep the industry current with their annual conference. You can read more about it in their brochure at http://www.neata.org/Docs/NeATA-2009.pdf I have found [...]

Dec 23 2008

Precision Ag pays back faster than expected

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Here is an interesting article put together by the precision ag institute...Adopters Get Rapid Return on Precision InvestmentA recent study conducted by independent research firm dmrkynetec demonstrates that precision agriculture adopters gaining a speedy return on their technology investment.Higher crop input costs are accelerating the payback for precision agriculture technology and per acre savings on [...]

Dec 10 2008

Trimble aquires Tru Count and Rawson Control systems

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Over the past month, Trimble Navigation has aquired both Tru Count of Ames, IA, and Rawson Control Systems of Olewein, IA. Both of these companies will fall in the Ag Division of Trimble. This appears to be good for everyone involved from my standpoint, as both Tru Count and Rawson make very good products, but [...]

Nov 18 2008

Interesting article

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I stumbled across this article and thought it was interesting...Shuttle launch Will be Center Stage at UND open house FridayThe National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is scheduled to launch Space Shuttle Endeavour---STS-126---Friday at 6:55 p.m. Central Standard Time. The Shuttle will be carrying the UND-designed and -built Agricultural Camera (AgCam) for delivery to the [...]

Nov 6 2008

IaRTN Network Update

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Below is an update from the Iowa DOT...As of the end of October, 79 of the 80 continually operating reference stations have been installed. The last station will be located on the Iowa DOT's new maintenance facility in Fairfield. This facility is under construction and the reference station installation will occur once the building is [...]

Nov 4 2008

Where did I plant that hybrid?

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One of the pain areas that has come up during this harvest season is the moisture of the corn crop. A few of the hybrids out there have dried down pretty well, but the vast majority of the corn in the field is still pretty wet. If you have an Insight that you planted with [...]

Oct 22 2008

Harvest, Markets, and Rain

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I heard a report yesterday from the USDA that soybean harvest was 67% complete, but corn harvest was well behind normal. To me, that means soybean harvest is also behind as there is still 1/3 of the crop to be harvested. Anyone that has looked out their window knows today that not many soybeans are [...]

Oct 11 2008

New way to cut beans

October 11th, 2008|Uncategorized|0 Comments

Here are some skipped passes using the EZ Steer on the combine.

Aug 4 2008

Iowa RTN Network

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From the Iowa DOT website..."The Iowa Department of Transportation is in the process of implementing a statewide, high-precision gobal positioning system (GPS) referencing network. The goal is to provide a system that will improve the efficiency and accuracy for all GPS users and meet or exceed the Iowa DOT’s requirements relating to accuracy, precision, reliability, [...]

Jun 11 2008

What did I plant there?

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With our recent non stop supply of rain, I have spent quite a bit of time working with people on their data in SMS, as well as my own data.For those of you that don't know, SMS stands for Spatial Management System and is the mapping software that is written by Ag Leader Technology. The [...]

Jun 2 2008

Technology Buzz

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I just finished thumbing through the lastest issue of Successful Farming, and I was somewhat shocked at the number of articles this month about technology. Two different stories featured farmers talking about how technology has made an impact in their operations, (both of which are customers of HTS) as well as an article about the [...]

May 20 2008

Bonus for blog readers

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I thought I would lay out a bonus for anyone that reads this blog and purchased equipment from HTS. Call or e-mail us and we will send out a technician to ride along with you while you are in the field to help you better understand your system. This will be first come first served, [...]

May 16 2008

Questions Please!!!

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Thank you Steve, you led me right into the next post to this blog that I had in mind.Steve posted comments about an eariler post I had made, and asked a question to me.Please, use this as a way to ask questions or send me ideas of topics you would like discussed. Odds are if [...]

Apr 28 2008

Strange Spring weather

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Well, on this damp evening, I am wondering if it will ever dry up enough this spring to be able to put in a crop here in southwest Iowa. As it does nearly every year, the weather will eventually cooperate, we just have to have some patience.Many people have been talking this spring about buying [...]

Apr 19 2008

How do I hook up my GPS???

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I have heard this question quite a bit recently, so I thought I would make a post about it. To completely answer this question would be a very long post, so I will target specifically to those with Ag Leader equipment as that is the largest percentage of my readers according to my poll.Ag Leader [...]