Mapping Features Evaluate
As-Planted X X X
As-Applied X X X
Grain Harvest X X X
Tillage X X X
CSR and Soil Type X X X
Monitor Setup X X X
1 Year Data Storage X X X
Basic Analysis Functions   X X
Profitability Map   X X
Normalized Yield   X X
Detailed Analysis Functions     X
Elevation     X
Variable Rate Prescriptions     X
Guidance Pattern Management     X
Precision Assessment     X

Evaluate – The evaluate package is a great place to start if you are looking to receive annual maps on your precision farming operation. This package includes maps for all data you log for the season, along with soil type and CSR maps. The maps you will receive can be used as a report card at the end of the year. This package is a great place to start your precision data collection.

Investigate – More than maps and storage here. This package will be looking at which management decisions worked… And which did not. By doing the investigation of your yield maps, we will try to find out why your yields were so variable. Was it the hybrids causing the variability? Soil Type? CSR? Find out in this package.

Activate – Remember the variability we were talking about? Let’s try to solve the problem. Here we can provide you with variable rate prescriptions and many other analyses. We will also sit down with you once a year and provide a precision assessment. This assessment will help us understand what you want to achieve with your precision operation and how soon you want to reach your goals.

Soil Sampling

Services and maps that include: PH, BPH, OM, P and K. With these tests we will also provide you with variable rate prescription maps and export them to a display.

RTK Boundaries

Having accurate boundaries are a very important part in a farming operation, especially inner boundaries. With RTK boundaries Autoswath will work seamlessly for sprayers and planters with clutches.

Guidance Pattern Management

Having past guidance patterns stored neatly in your display can save a lot of time in the field. You can use the same pattern every year and not worry about making new ones. This could be very valuable for strip tilling and other operations.

Variable Rate Planting

Variable rate planting means putting the seed where it needs to be. On highly fertile ground you could apply a higher rate without touching a button. These prescriptions will be based off of the customer’s preference from a single layer of data.


As-planted maps will show you variety maps as well as planting population. These maps will also be backed by informational planting reports including total acres, average population, average productivity and more.

Grain Harvest

Complete yield maps including moisture readings across your fields. Also includes detailed farm and field summaries so you know what worked and what didn’t.


Interested in only receiving your application data? We can create maps and reports for a low fee. Very useful for custom applicators. Takes the work out of application reporting.

Monitor Setup

Want to be able to start planting or harvesting right when you enter a field? A monitor setup will organize your management tree and field boundaries to make sure your display is ready when you are.