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Year-Round Functionality

From planting through harvest, and every field activity in between.


Display-to-Display Communication

Share maps, information and more with other InCommand displays in your operation.

ISOBUS Connectivity

Universal Terminal provides the ability to control ISOBUS-compliant implements. Many controllers are compatible through serial control.

Unmatched Visibility

Get a virtual window into your planter with row-by-row detail for confidence as you move through the field.

Satellite Imagery

Maximize field visibility by using satellite imagery.

View Two Screens at Once

Compare planting maps with live harvest


Every Hero Has a Sidekick

InCommand 800 serves as a great second display, and complement to InCommand 1200. InCommand 800 can also be used as a stand alone display on operations that don’t require the robust functionality of InCommand 1200.

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