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Grain Management Service Plans

HTS Ag also provides Grain Management Service Plans for our Grain Management customers.

HTS Ag Grain Management Service Plan includes:

Grain monitoring – With our Basic Plan, alerts are sent to you for remediation.

With our Service Plan, alerts are sent to our team who will take care of any issues remotely, before you even know there is a problem. We do not respond to high temp or rate of change alarms. These indicate grain condition problems which are outside the scope of our service.

Annual Deep Diagnostic Check – We will do a deep diagnostic check of your system remotely, including weather station check for calibration.

Integris Customer Care – Software Maintenance, Technical Support, and On-going Grain Management and Software Training

Unlimited Phone Support – No charge for unlimited phone support.

Discounted Labor Rate – As a service plan customer you get a $25 per hour discount on our labor rate, if any work outside of the warranty work needs to be done.

The option for an on-site preventative system maintenance is also available.

This would include: RTU and Enclosure Check, Radio Communication, Cable Read Inspection, Conduit and Cable Inspection, System Wellness Check. These checks will be performed in August of the active year of your service plan.


For information about our service plans, please call one of our Grain Management Advisors at 1-800-741-3305 or email and we would be glad to talk to you about our service plan offerings.

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