SteerCommand (integrated)

Repeatable Accuracy

Up to sub-inch repeatable accuracy with RTK or TerraStar-X correction. Also compatible with TerraStar-C Pro, TerraStar-L and WAAS/EGNOS. 

Automated Steering

Automated steering keeps your vehicle on the guidance line and makes adjustments to deliver repeatable pass-to-pass accuracy. 

Handles Tough Terrain

Maintains accuracy using nine-axis terrain compensation including rolling ground, waterways, ditches and terraces. 

Perfect for High-Value Crops

Ideal for field operations requiring high accuracy steering including planting, spraying, tillage and other field operations that require precise placement of inputs. 

Guidance Pattern Support

Supports common and advanced guidance patterns including SmartPath. 

Colorblind Compatibility

Compatible with virtually any brand of equipment capable of being operated with an automated steering system. 

Ontrac3 (assisted)

Hands Free

Economical, hands-free assisted steering system.  


Assists operator in maintaining consistent pass–to–pass accuracy and eliminating skips and overlaps. 

Internal Compass

Accommodates even the roughest ground with ease with nine-axis terrain compensation and internal compass.

Day or Night

Reduces operator fatigue during long days of operating day and night.

GPS 7500

Up to sub-inch accuracy

With RTK, TerraStar-X, TerraStar-C Pro, TerraStar-L, SBAS and GLIDE.

Dual-Frequency GNSS Receiver

Fully scalable, compact, rugged smart antenna, designed to meet the demands of today’s professional growers.


400 MHz and 900 MHz RTK Radio options.


GLONASS, 20Hz output, LED Monitoring and Radar Speed Output.

Entry-Level Option

For growers seeking a cost-effective GPS receiver.

Single-Frequency GPS Receiver

Designed for general mapping and AutoSwath functions.

Differential Corrections


GPS 6000

SteerCommand with Dual-Trac 

High Accuracy

Up to sub-inch accuracy with RTK capability through RTK radio base stations or cell modem through NTRIP.

Ultra Low-Speed Steering

Steering engagement at speeds as low as 0.05 MPH (0.08 km/h).

Reliable Heading

The dual antenna design allows the system to always know the heading. This contributes to its low-speed accuracy, even when operating in reverse.

GPS 7500 base station

GPS 7500 can be converted to a dual-frequency RTK base station by combining with 900 or 400 radio to provide base–station functionality. This is ideal for steering and other operations where sub-inch accuracy is needed. Wi-Fi capability is included for setup by phone or tablet. 

Correction sources 


Free regional correction source, providing 6”-8” (15cm -20cm) pass-to-pass accuracy.


Global subscription based correction source, providing 6”-8” (15cm -20cm) pass-to-pass accuracy and 15” (40cm) repeatability with sub 5 minute convergence times.

TerraStar-C Pro

Global subscription based correction source with multi-constellation support, triple L-beam tracking and 15 minute convergence time for great positioning accuracy, availability, and reliability providing 1”-2″ (2.5cm-5cm) pass-to-pass accuracy. 


Regional subscription based correction source with multi-constellation support, triple L-beam tracking and under 1 minute convergence time for RTK from the Sky performance, providing sub inch (< 2.5cm) pass-to-pass accuracy.


Sub-inch accuracy RTK correction via Base Station or NTRIP.  InCommand displays have built-in NTRIP compatibility for networks RTK corrections and AgFiniti through a single cellular data.


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