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Ag Leader Enhances SeedCommand™ System with Introduction of Planter Clutch

Ag Leader Enhances SeedCommand™ System with Introduction of Planter Clutch

Ames, Iowa, February 2, 2009 – Today, Ag Leader Technology, Inc., a leader in the development of precision farming solutions, introduced the patent-pending SureStop™ electric row clutch for row crop planters. SureStop clutches, the latest component of Ag Leader’s SeedCommand system, provide growers with a low-maintenance, user-friendly solution to reduce seed costs and increase yield potential. Using GPS, the SeedCommand system communicates with SureStop clutches to turn planter sections on/off based on field maps and already-planted areas. The clutch starts and stops seed flow by temporarily disengaging the seed meter, eliminating doubleplanted areas as well as the need to slow down to accurately raise/lower the planter at end rows. SureStop clutches, designed for chain drive seed meters, install on the inside of the row unit between the seed meter and the drill shaft sprocket. Installation is quicker and easier than clutches that require drill shaft removal and an air compressor and tank. The SureStop clutch also features a sealed enclosure to resist moisture, dust and other forms of contamination as well as withstand tough field conditions. “We are thrilled to expand our SeedCommand product line to include SureStop electric clutches, allowing growers to purchase a complete planter control system from one manufacturer,” says Ag Leader New Business Development Manager, Roger Zielke. “Minimal maintenance, simple installation and a durable design make SureStop clutches a powerful addition to any planter.”

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