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Agriculture Evolved

Ag Leader has made a whole bunch of new product annoucements today!

Intregra – This is the new display packed full of new features – bigger HD screen, camera input, on screen guidance, and autosteering

ParaDyme – This is the roof array that allows for autosteering, built in cell modem for CORS network support, and this also allows for remote support, as it allows the user of the system to request support and us to remotely troubleshoot the problem.

Edge 2.0 – The Edge display will have a new update and a whole bunch of new features, including on screen guidance, steering, auto boom height control with the Norac UC5

OnTrac 2 – This is Ag Leader’s new assisted steering solution, which will run through the Edge display. The positive drive motor eliminates slippage against the steering wheel, and doesn’t require removing the steering wheel to install.

I am also proud to announce that HTS is a Blue Delta Dealer for Ag Leader Technology, meaning that we are the highest level of service available. This doesn’t completely cover everything new, but simply scratches the surface. Feel free to post or contact me with any questions.

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