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Air Clutch Systems Maintenance

There has been quite a few calls lately about air clutch systems, so I thought I would try and give some tips about the systems to clear things up a bit.

Below are the maintenance recommendations from the Manufacturer.

Maintenance of Tru Count Air Clutch System

Air Compressor Water resistant, Not waterproof. Keep in dry location during winter storage. Clean dirt from fins. Replace or clean filter element on a regular basis.

Drain tank on a regular basis. Drain tank before winter storage, close drain after draining moisture.

Valve Modules Keep away from high pressure water.

Air Clutches All Tru Count clutches come from the factory prelubricated. Use dry silicone spray included in the kit. Lube as needed or every 75 – 100 hours. Symptoms of needing lubricated are: Clutch not clutching (continuous planting) Clutch slow to release (resume planting after being shut off)

Oil air cylinders at the end of every season to keep pistons lubricated. Use the oil packet included in the kit and oil cylinders with one drop each. Then activate clutches a few times before putting planter into storage. Keep away from high pressure water.

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