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Auto-Steer on a Combine?

Yes, I did it. I know this may sound a bit extreme, but I took the plunge and put an EZ Steer on my combine for cutting soybeans. I wasn’t extremely happy with the results at first, but I also think my expectations are quite high after running an autopilot on my tractor for planting. Anyhow, I first ran the unit on WAAS, and although it did quite well, I wasn’t quite satisfied with the performance, so I set up the unit for OmniSTAR XP. I was amazed with the unit after this! Don’t get me wrong, the unit did work quite well on WAAS. It allowed me to pay closer attention to the crop as it was coming in the head, as well as keep a closer eye on the quality of grain sample in the tank and other functions of the machine. The problem is that my expectations were to keep the platform completely full and not miss a single stalk of beans, while running on contours and hills. I could get one or the other with WAAS, but was finally able to get both with OmniSTAR. This also increased the accuracy of my Autoswath on my Insight by having a more accurate GPS signal. The one thing that sold me completely on the unit was the rounded off 90 degree corner I made with the combine the first pass through the field, it followed perfectly the second round when making end rows. Technology has come a long way!

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