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Automatic shutoffs on sprayers

I went out this morning to work on a sprayer. Patriot sprayer and had a Raven 460 in it. After visiting with the customer a bit, he had a different idea on what he wanted the sprayer to do. We had originally discussed a Raven adapter kit – this would allow him to swap between his Insight monitor for running the autoswath and mapping, and also allow him to put the Raven back in the cab if the Insight was in use elsewhere.

We soon realized that he really had no plans of running the sprayer without the Insight, and actually was a bit bummed that his built in switches and foot pedal master switch wasn’t going to work (we were going to use a switchbox so it could be swapped quickly), so we decided to also tie into the existing switches in the sprayer, which will allow him to use his foot pedal as a master switch also. At the end of the day, this will allow the customer to be more productive with the system because it will be similar in functionality to what he is already used to. Technology can be a great investment and greatly improve the productivity of the operator, while also making the equipment easier to operate, but it is important to implement it correctly. If you plan to make an investment in technology, make sure that you discuss the options with an expert to get you the most bang for your buck.

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