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Come see Farm Progress Show in a whole new way!

HTS Ag is constantly seeking out new and innovative ways to bring value to our customers.  One of the things we are doing this year is providing rides at Farm Progress Show in Boone around the show.  We have rented 3 golf carts and will shuttle you around the show grounds free of charge!  All you need to do to get a ride is reserve a timeslot of when you want a ride, and one of our advisors will give you a lift to go see the things you want to see at the show.  You can reserve your ride at the following link:

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You will have to option to select a cart (pictured above), then select the day and time you would like to reserve. (pictured below)

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Finally, enter your name, e-mail, and phone, and select “Book Now”. (pictured below)

That’s it!  we will pick you up at the gate at your requested time, and take you around to see the show!

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