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Heartland Technology Solutions Spins Off Precision Ag Business

Press Release


Divisional growth and industry prominence prompts move to create independent organization

HARLAN, Iowa – Jan. 2, 2013 – Heartland Technology Solutions (HTS), a leading managed services provider for Midwestern small to mid-sized businesses and K-12 school districts, today announced the restructuring of its precision agriculture business, HTS Precision Ag Solutions, into a self-governing organization that will do business under the name HTS Ag. Although plans behind the move began over a year ago, the change became official at the start of the new year. “For quite some time we’ve been planning to create a company dedicated to precision agriculture,” said HTS Founder and CEO Arlin Sorensen. “Our Precision Ag division has grown to become one of the largest ‘Ag Leader®’ dealers in the world. By creating two separate companies we’re in a better position to focus on the specific needs of our agricultural customer base. Timing is right to begin 2013 with HTS Ag operating as a new and distinct company, laser focused on serving that rapidly growing market.” Established in 1995, HTS Precision Ag Solutions helps farmers gain competitive advantages utilizing technologies that improve input management, provide GPS guidance, reduce environmental risks, and improve overall field-level decision-making and management. As a result, farmers leveraging these solutions typically realize more efficient, ecological yields that also benefit their profitability. The company will continue to operate from its existing location on the farm near Harlan, Iowa, and will be headed by General Manager Adam Gittins. HTS Ag Principals include Arlin Sorensen, Brad Sorensen, Dean Sorensen, Gittins, Connie Arentson and Dan Lucas. “There’s a lot of opportunity for us as technologies like ISO BUS compatibility and wireless communications improve,” noted Gittins. “What used to require us to hop in a truck and drive 30 or more minutes to check out an issue can now be resolved in five minutes by logging into a customer’s equipment remotely. They’re happy because we correct a problem for them quickly, and we’re thrilled because we can redirect resources to more important activities than sitting behind a windshield.” The company will continue to have offices not only in Harlan, but also in Ames, Iowa, as well. The team of 10 dedicated professionals will be serving clients across the Midwest. In addition to precision farming technology such as automated steering, GPS guidance, planter and sprayer controls, they also sell grain bin management solutions from Integris. About Heartland Technology Solutions Since 1985, HTS has been a leading provider of IT support and managed IT services for small to mid-sized businesses and K-12 school districts across the Midwest. The company helps these organizations solve business challenges with reliable and highly efficient technology solutions that help improve their productivity, profitability and performance. About HTS Ag Since 1995, HTS Ag has been involved in serving the needs of the agriculture industry with precision agriculture technologies. This team of professionals are experts in implementing a variety of technologies to serve the needs of farmers and agri-businesses across the Midwest. These solutions enable higher productivity and a greater return on investment and provide clients a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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