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July Crop Scouting with Drones

Several from our team headed to Minneapolis on July 8th, and we decided what better way to understand how the crops look along the route than with a drone. We utilized a DJI Mavic Enterprise Dual and DroneDeploy software to capture some incredible panoramic views of the fields, at the approximate locations of the pins on the map above. This process is quite simple with DroneDeploy – we simply picked the location on a map that we wanted to fly, selected the altitude to fly at, and started the panoramic photo capture. From there, the drone takes off, flies to the selected location, and captures 26 pictures in a circle around the drone, with the camera angle changed on each round of image capture. The drone then returns to where we took off from, lands, and down the road we went. We spent around 15 minutes for each stop. The data captured is downright amazing if you just want a quick overview of the field, and a higher resolution, more detailed map can be obtained with the same software if desired.

Here is a link to each of the stops we made, so you can see the 360 degree panoramic view.

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