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New products explained – INTEGRA

With all the new products released from Ag Leader at the beginning of the month it has been quite a whirlwind of excitement and many questions have surfaced. I have decided to take one product at a time and try to explain what they can do. This also allows you to get questions asked and answered as well.

The Integra is the newest display on the market, and packed full of features. It has a 12.1″ HD touchscreen making it easy to read and allowing a great deal of real estate on screen to show you exactly what is going on. You can perform several tasks at the same time, and can see planter monitoring and planter shutoffs from the same screen without having to change tabs.

It also features four video camera inputs, allowing you to see more accurately what is going on around you.

With full screen guidance built into this big screen, you can see very clearly where you need to be if you are just using the manual guidance feature, or you can hook into a ParaDyme Steering system for an additional set of features. (I will discuss more about the ParaDyme in a future post)

Don’t forget it also offers a whole slew of features that we have become used to from its predecessor, the Insight. Data logging, field boundaries, Hybrid logging with split planter, Multiple product control, Rawson Accurate Direct Drive, planter population monitoring, smart reports, and boom height control is just the short list.

The Integra also uses a USB drive for data transfer, which speeds up the process considerably.

The one thing missing from the Insight is the ability to hook into a Trimble Autopilot. Since Ag Leader has aligned itself with AutoFarm, they have worked together to come up with the ParaDyme steering solution, so there is still potential to work with an autosteer system, and even upgrade if you have one already.

Feel free to post questions here or call me if you would like more information about the Integra.

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