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New Tech for 2020

It’s been a busy week around the HTS Ag office learning about several new product announcements from several of the vendors we have partnered with. First up, Ag Leader announced their SureSpeed system, which was co-designed with Kinze giving us a solid product that will perform very well right away. You can see the full press release from Ag Leader at the bottom fo this post.

Next up was a big announcement from Autel Robotics, announcing their EVO II drone, packed full of great features

  1. First foldable drone with interchangable payloads

  2. First foldable drone with an 8K camera

  3. 40 minute flight time

The list of features for the EVO II goes on – check it out here

Last but certainly not least was the announcement out of the DJI Open Innovation Initiative. From this, DJI provides promising startups with guidance, resources and financial support to solve industry challenges with new technology Livox is a prime example of that. With a industrial grade Lidar sensor starting at $599, this company is definitely one that will change the future of many aspects from self driving cars to high definition mapping. Check them out at

Ag Leader to add SureSpeed™, high-accuracy, high-speed planting system to its full-farm precision farming portfolio.

AMES, Iowa, January 7, 2020 –Today, Ag Leader announced its high-speed planting system SureSpeed, to serve row crop farmers with accurate seed placement at speeds up to 12 miles per hour. The meter with integrated delivery system was developed in collaboration with Kinze Manufacturing. Introduction is planned for the 2021 planting season through each company’s respective dealer networks.

“Working with Kinze made sense in many ways because we’re both family-owned companies that put the needs of the farmer first. Leveraging Kinze’s expertise in leading seed meter technology ensured a high-quality product,” said Al Myers, president of Ag Leader. “Ag Leader strives to provide the highest quality year-round platform in precision farming. SureSpeed broadens our planting portfolio allowing us to meet a wide range of grower needs for planter technology.”

Sure At Any Speed

The SureSpeed planting system was created with accuracy of seed placement in mind at all speeds from 3 to 12 mph. Many factors can influence planting speed, and when conditions are right to speed up, farmers don’t want to be limited by their ability to accurately place seeds in the ground. The system is designed to accommodate the need of the farmer at any speed without giving up proper seed placement.

Engineered for Accuracy

Every detail of the SureSpeed system was designed to account for superior accuracy at any speed. Unique meter orientation on the row unit allows seed to move seamlessly between the meter and delivery system resulting in accurate seed placement. Additionally, the meter was designed to handle a variety of seed shapes and sizes accurately and without singulator adjustments for hassle-free planting.

Paired with Ag Leader’s hydraulic down force solution, SureForce®, the system provides the highest available force capacity on the market to maintain consistent ground contact and smooth row unit ride with increasing speed in varying conditions.

Industry-leading Display

Ag Leader’s SureSpeed planting system is controlled by Ag Leader’s industry-leading display, InCommand™ 1200. The InCommand 1200 display provides a window into your planter to view individual row detail with side-by-side planting performance maps. Additionally, InCommand displays help farmers stay connected by instantly sharing live maps, autoswath coverage, guidance lines and more to other displays. View live or historical field maps and summaries from your phone or tablet anytime, anywhere.

See it in Louisville

Come to Ag Leader’s booth at the 2020 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky February 12-15 for the first showing of the SureSpeed planting system.

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