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OPI Blue Lite

Ease Into Grain Quality Management with OPI Blue Lite

Uncomfortable with technology? We’re here to help! We’ve launched a simple way to monitor your grain, capture data, and grow into a grain quality pro with OPI Blue Lite.

An Easy Intro to Grain Monitoring

Dip your toes into the world of #agtech with OPI Blue Lite, the most user-friendly grain monitoring solution. We understand that technology can sometimes be intimidating, which is why Blue Lite is designed to be incredibly straightforward, requiring minimal technological know-how and offering a low barrier to entry both in terms of cost and effort.

Future-Proof Your Operations

Whether you’re new to grain management or looking to upgrade your StorMax system, Blue Lite offers a forward-thinking solution. It is not just a tool; it’s a companion in your growth, adapting with you as you become more familiar with the technology.

Perfectly Sized for Your Needs

Specifically created for small to medium-sized grain bins, Blue Lite matches your needs without overwhelming you with complexity, allowing a smooth first step into the realm of advanced grain management solutions.

Effortless Configuration

Forget complicated setups; with Blue Lite, the configuration is a breeze. Once cables are installed on your grain bin, it’s a plug-and-play solution that doesn’t demand technical expertise, promising a hassle-free start to your OPI technology experience.

Trustworthy Data at Your Fingertips

Experience the ease of having reliable grain temperature, moisture, and CO2 data transmitted seamlessly to your phone and the cloud. It’s not just about data; it’s about accessible information, opening doors to effortless grain management.

A Clear Overview of Your Grain Bin’s Health

View current and historic cable and CO2 readings in one unified location, offering you a simple yet powerful way to understand and manage your grain’s condition over time, laying the foundation for more advanced analytics as you grow.

Simple Alert Configurations

Leverage the OPI Blue Cloud Platform to set up threshold and rate-of-change alerts.

Embarking on Smarter Grain Management

Harness the power of data to make informed grain conditioning decisions, taking small yet significant steps towards optimizing your grain quality without the steep learning curve. Get fan recommendations from the OPI Blue Platform.

Mitigating Risks Early On

As you start your journey, Blue Lite stands as your ally in risk mitigation, helping you avoid grain spoilage through timely alerts and data insights, setting a stable foundation for a prosperous future.

Your Pathway to Advanced Solutions

Starting with Blue Lite means opening a door to future advancements. As you grow comfortable, the transition to OPI BLUE awaits, offering enhanced features and paving your path towards full fan automation and mobility, expanding opportunities with OPI’s refined solutions.

Welcome to the OPI experience, where we walk with you, from your first step into technology-assisted grain management to mastering advanced solutions. With OPI Blue Lite, your journey begins, steeped in simplicity, yet ripe with potential. It’s more than a tool; it’s your pathway to growth and opportunities in the modern grain management landscape.

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