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Precision Calendar and Checklist – A step by step guide for 2020

Many people think they only need to utilize precision agriculture a few weeks a year, while they are in the field running their monitors on the machinery, so I thought it would be a good time to break down things to be doing or thinking about each month of the year as we kick off 2020.  This list is not all encompassing, but will give you a good base to run with and keep you in the top tier of precision technology operators / managers for your operations.

January – Monitor your grain in storage with a system like OPI Blue.  You can take advantage of the warm parts of the day to get some run time on your fans automatically, and rest easy knowing that the system will let you know if your grain condition is anything less than stellar.  With a wet crop from 2019, this system is a must have!

February – Create variable planting recommendations with your trusted advisor.  There is no shortage of programs out there that offer some ability to create variable rate planting recs, but this can be overwhelming to tackle by yourself without any guidance.  We offer assistance to help you write these recommendations with AgFiniti, assuring a good outcome.

March – Pre-season equipment checklist, updating firmware and performing system checks on all of your displays, steering systems, GPS units, and any modules that connect to them.  This simple bit of work can save hours of frustrating troubleshooting once you get to the field by highlighting potential problems early.