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Strange Spring weather

Well, on this damp evening, I am wondering if it will ever dry up enough this spring to be able to put in a crop here in southwest Iowa. As it does nearly every year, the weather will eventually cooperate, we just have to have some patience.

Many people have been talking this spring about buying a second planter and hiring someone to run it. For some, this also entails a second tractor as well as several other things required to have a complete second rig running.

My thoughts are that with an autopilot on a tractor, it can run overnight just as effectively as it can in the daylight. So, money can be much better spent on technology when in a pinch instead of a second planter that you may not need for many years to come. The autopilot will increase efficiency in several ways, and it will also be a powerful tool that can be used for many other things in a farming operation.

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