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Technology Advisor Spotlight: Jay Robinson

At HTS Ag we like to brag about our employees. So over the next handful of issues of our newsletter, we will be highlighting our staff. This month we highlight Jay Robinson, who started out on the technician side of the company and made his way over to sales, through his outgoing personality and knowledge of our products and services. Jay is also not afraid to tell you when he doesn’t know the answer, but will work to find it for you. We sat down with Jay and asked him a few questions:



HTS Ag: How long have you been selling at HTS Ag?

JR: Coming up on 2 years.


HTS Ag: What do you really enjoy about being a Technology Advisor?

JR: Having the privilege to connect with the farmers/operators, providing a multitude of leading-edge technology solutions, and the capability to offer effective service after the sale is what makes this position so rewarding.


HTS Ag: Of all the products and services HTS Ag offers, what do you think has been the biggest success for growers?

JR: While the increased bushels per acre that can be realized using our SureForce and SureDrive systems is substantial, it's the harvested grain that pays the bills. With our OPI Grain Monitoring Systems, you can make sure every bushel counts. Being able to see temperature and moisture inside the bin at any given moment provides ample time to make a decision before the grain has issues. Knowing your grain is stored safely gives piece of mind when it comes time to haul them to town.


HTS Ag: When you’re not at work what are you doing?

JR: Raising a teenager, golfing when I can, and maybe throwing a line out in the water.


HTS Ag: What do you think the future of Precision Technology in Agriculture looks like?

JR: I am not exactly sure how far the Precision Technology will advance in the next 5-10 years, but I do know it will advance. We won't be going backwards, so it is exciting to be in the loop of new solutions and more ways to increase farm potential.


HTS Ag: What do you think sets HTS Ag apart from other precision agriculture dealers?

JR: The people at HTS Ag make it stand out. The team I get to work with is second to none. They are honest, knowledgeable, and experienced. Having them to lean on and bounce ideas off allows us to be efficient and effective for our customers. Especially when it comes to service after the sale.



Jay is your Technology Advisor in Southwest Iowa. Cass, Adair, Mills, Montgomery, Adams, Union, Fremont, Page, Taylor and Ringgold counties. You can reach Jay at 800-741-3305 ext 502 or email

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