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Technology Advisor Spotlight: Zach Meester

Updated: May 2

We're continuing to spotlight our outstanding staff here at HTS Ag. This month we highlight Zach Meeseter, who also started out as a technician and discovered he had a knack for sales. Knowledgeable, organized and passionate about precision technology Zach is one of those rare guys that can do it all and do it very well! We sat down with Zach and asked him a few questions:

HTS Ag: How long have you been selling at HTS Ag?

ZM: I have been a Technology Advisor for a little over 5 years now.

HTS Ag: What do you really enjoy about being a Technology Advisor?

ZM: I enjoy getting to know the customer on a personal and business basis, to truly understand where they want to go with technology in their operation. I enjoy being able to provide solutions to the customer to make their lives easier and/pr save them money.

HTS Ag: Of all the products and services HTS Ag offers, what do you think has been the biggest success for growers?

ZM: I personally think our OPI product line up has had the most success. Since we can actively help them manage their crops (money) after it is harvested. We can also help cut down on drying costs or have the ability to add moisture back to beans which equals money!

HTS Ag: When you’re not at work what are you doing?

ZM: When I am not at work I am hanging out with my wife, Morgan and our two kids. I enjoy golf, UTV rides, fishing and hunting when I am not busy working.


HTS Ag: What do you think the future of Precision Technology in Agriculture looks like?

ZM: The future of Precision Ag technology is only going to change a million times in my lifetime. The future and possibilities are endless. I do see some tasks getting easier for the farmer, but I also see new ventures for farmers and individuals interested in Agriculture who don’t have the opportunity to farm.

HTS Ag: What do you think sets HTS Ag apart from other precision agriculture dealers?

ZM: I think what sets HTS Ag apart from the rest is our employees and our on-farm testing. Our in-house knowledge is bar-none. We are all willing to learn and take on new roles, whether that be on farm or in office.



Zach is your Technology Advisor in Central Iowa. Hamilton, Story, Hardin, Marshall, Tama, Benton, Grundy, Black Hawk, Franklin, Butler, Bremer, and Buchanan counties. You can reach Zach at 800-741-3305 ext 507 or email

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