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The Big Impact of Small Business

Owning a small business has its own challenges, mostly when it comes to the holiday season. Trying to get a better price on your Christmas shopping and making your dollar stretch a little further often means shopping at “Big Box” stores or hitting up online retailers thinking you’re getting a better deal. But it’s the small businesses that are there for you, 3 days before Christmas morning when you find out you’re short a gift for grandma…or find the cranberry sauce in the cupboard expired (they do expire), the point is that small businesses aren’t in business for shareholders or CEO bonuses. They’ve found something that makes their heart sing and do it locally, because they do care about the community they come from.

I think it’s probably fair to say that when you think of HTS Ag, you probably don’t think of us as a small, local business. You’re probably lumping us in with the larger co-ops and agriculture companies that have locations in your small town but have the same uniform outfits in every other small town you drive through on your way to Saturday morning basketball tournaments.

But we are a small, locally owned business…we just do big things.

There are a total of 13 employees at HTS Ag. 11 of us work in the Harlan office, actually a farm office outside of Corley. We have our Service Manager, who lives in Iowa Falls and a salesman that lives in Grundy Center. Of all the 13 employees we live in and support 10 Iowa communities. With families and ties to each of the small towns we grew up in and still live in today.

This holiday season, and throughout the year, celebrate and support your local business. Not because we’re in your community, but because we ARE your community. There after the sale with service, advice and probably at the high school games cheering on the home team.

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