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The Game Changer


12. 1″ Touchscreen (35% larger than old FMD)

2 GNSS Receivers

optional built in radio

4 video inputs for cameras

USB port

Power & Brightness keys in the back

Customizable “support” tab – dealer can put in logo and contact info

Brighter display

Solid metal housing

Latest Trimble GNSS engine

RTK Fix for up to 40 seconds after last corrections

Battery in Radio door

-Runs GPS through short power failures



-2 GPS TNC connectors

-1 Radio antenna TNC

-4 DTM 12 pin

-each has:

-RS 232



-Digital input

Runs EZ Steer-but not til May

Passive implement guidance – can move tractor to correct for implement drift

These are the notes I took with One Note during the meeting about this new Display. Feel free to leave questions in the comments section if something doesn’t make sense!

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