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The Value of Data

Precision Ag hardware has made tremendous strides in helping to increase efficiency, reduce costs and operator fatigue, and these things are all very valuable to any sustianable farm operation, but how are you using the data that is captured by all of this hardware?

The data being captured could easily be argued as the most valuable part of the whole equation, offering the ability to be informed and make decisions with a large impact, such as seed selection, decisions about tile, in field comparisons of different products – the list goes on almost endlessly.

Imagine improving your yields by as little as just 1% each year, and do it year after year –

If you currently average 180 bushel per acre corn, at $5.50 per bushel, that is $990 in gross income. A one percent increase in your yields, 1.8 bushels per acre, would add $9.90 per acre to your bottom line.

The next year, you could add an additional 1%, increasing average yields to 183.6 bushels per acre, with another 1.8 bushels more than the last year for you to sell. Your gross income would be $1009.80, adding $19.80 per acre to your farm.

The bottom line? If you aren’t spending time analyzing your data, this is a place to be looking! If you don’t have the time or ability to do it yourself, hire someone that can. HTS offers several packages to analyze your data, ALL of them for less than your return of a 1% yield increase.

I will continue to post specific examples with real numbers from data we have analyzed. If you have questions or would like to see data on a specific topic, let me know!

If you have a story to share of how valuable your data is, we would love to share it for you!

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