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Trimble aquires Tru Count and Rawson Control systems

Over the past month, Trimble Navigation has aquired both Tru Count of Ames, IA, and Rawson Control Systems of Olewein, IA. Both of these companies will fall in the Ag Division of Trimble. This appears to be good for everyone involved from my standpoint, as both Tru Count and Rawson make very good products, but had limited budgets for expansion as they were small start up companies. Trimble has posed itself to offer a complete planter solution now, as they already have relationship with Dickey John for population monitoring. HTS is already a dealer for all three products, so our offerings won’t change. My hopes on this is that the product becomes more available as Trimble can stock a bit more inventory as they have a bigger budget. Tru Count news release can be found here:

Rawson news release can be found here:

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