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Wifi in Agriculture

With the recent introduction of Agfiniti (see product info here) from Ag Leader Technology, there have been some doors open into the tech world, allowing for some great technology to cross over into agriculture that we previously have not thought of using on the farm.  One of these technologies is wifi, and being able to broadcast it for several miles from the home farm can open doors when used with the new technology from Ag Leader.

I have recently used a new product from Ayrstone,, which will allow for a wifi signal to be broadcast several miles, and multiple of these units can be tied together giving a coverage range around 6 miles if using three of the Ayrmesh hubs.


These hubs will create a mesh network, and give wifi coverage across the entire area in between.  There are many uses for whole farm wifi coverage, and I will discuss more of those in future posts, as well as some of my experiences with this product on my own farm.

One of the really big advantages of this technology if your farms are close together is that you won’t have an additional bill from a cellular hotspot, and can utilize your existing internet connection from your home or shop.

These units are very low cost, and could even be used as a link to get internet connectivity from the house to the shop if the distance is just a bit too much for the standard wireless routers that many of us have experience with in our homes.

I believe that this product can unlock some incredible opportunities when put together with other emerging technologies in agriculture.  Look for additional information and uses in future posts, or contact me with any questions you may have about this technology.

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