Reichhardt Electronic Innovations

Sensor Guidance

Precision & Flexibility for Guiding Your Equipment

Pilot System Reichhardt (PSR) is an automatic steering system for tractors and self propelled machines used in general farming, produce production, or vineyards. The system is easily integrated into your operation and may be compatible with components you already own.

Precision & Flexibility

With PSR, the choice of precision components is yours.  You can mix and match brands to fit your operation’s needs.  The flexibility can allow you to save money by using components already owned.

Proven Reliability

Reichhardt’s experience in demanding conditions requires quality.  This quality is tested extensively before products are ever released.  Dealers state that reliability and repeatability of Reichhardt products is second to none.

Customer Support

Reichhardt engineers and support staff spend time in the field so the customer’s ideas become reality and customer input creates a better product.  Extensive dealer training and access to Reichhardt resources allow for maximum up time.

*These Reichhardt systems will work with any brand of ISO-VT display and GPS receiver.