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Sundance Media Group (SMG), have been producing training for trade events, public safety organizations, and private individuals for over 26 years. Over the first decade and a half, SMG’s area of focus has been audio, video and software applications for production and post-production.  SMG, a Women-Owned-Business has evolved and has incorporated its years of experience for best-practices training into the world of UAS use.

The SMG team is vendor neutral, where we collaborate with manufacturers, service providers, and software developers, and share forward our clients’ needs.  SMG has been working and training UA/drones since 2010 from a variety of perspectives.  This unique ecosystem of communication has evolved into knowledge of best-practices for the industry.

Today SMG serves as a consultant within the UAS industry, offering training and speaking engagements on UAS topics ranging from: UAS cinematography, commercial and infrastructural UAS applications, Public Safety applications, UAS risk management, night UAS flight, aerial security systems, and 107 training to ensure pilots clearly understand the FAA laws.  Our instructors have undergone FITS training and have taught, presented workshops and participated in panels, conferences, and private instruction events worldwide`.  Our team also offers drone services for a variety of industries.

Additionally SMG assists in standing up UAS programs for corporations and public safety agencies with services ranging from creation of policy documents to operational standards, and vertically-focused practical instruction. With an intimate knowledge of the FAA FARs and FSIM; our collective experience with instructors and UAS pilots nationwide are our foundation for creating a best-practices for everything UA/drone/UAS.

SMG Field Training UAS
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