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Unmaned Aerial Systems

Aerial Imagery is not new to us, but the method of capturing the data has definitely changed over the years.


Although we got our start with UAS in precision agriculture, the need for local experts became apparent when we had fire departmants and county EMA directors showing up to our field days.

With in-depth knowledge of the UAS industry, it was an easy decision to answer the call for help from sectors outside of agriculture.


Since then, we have worked with several law enforcement agencies, fire departments, emergency management agencies, real estate businesses, construction, universities and government agencies all over the United States.  

We pride ourselves on knowing the products and what would best fit an operation. Part of this means keeping up with the industry by attending conferences and meetings to learn. HTS Ag has a seat on the national CompTIA Drone Advisory Council, which has enabled our relationships in the industry and broadened our knowledge. 

Our current UAS industry involvement looks something like this:

  • CompTIA Drone Advisory Council 

  • Speaking events and seminars

  • Webinars hosted by HTS Ag

  • Training for our team 

  • Industry events like InterDrone, Commercial UAV Expo, and others

  • Close relationships with our vendors

  • Testing of new software and hardware products

Bottom line is, our roots are in agriculture, but that doesn't stop us from providing the same, superior service to others looking to learn or grow with UAS.  Contact us with any questions!

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