Attention Ag Leader ParaDyme or GeoSteer owners that are also Glonass unlocked.

Attention Ag Leader ParaDyme or GeoSteer owners that are also Glonass unlocked. We wanted to let you know about an update that occurred to the GPS system. On June 30th, 2015, a positive leap second was added to the Universal Time Clock (UTC) for GNSS. Adding this leap second will align the Universal Time Clock with the Atomic Time Clock, eliminating error caused by the changing rotation of the Earth. This Leap Second update has caused affected Paradyme/Geosteer systems that are Glonass unlocked, to not acquire differential GPS properly. Ag Leader has released firmware that fixes the problem. Your Paradyme/Geosteer system WILL NOT function until this firmware is installed. As with all integrated steering firmware, this firmware is only available to Ag Leader dealers.

We are currently scheduling technicians to come on-site to install the firmware and fix the issue. If you need to use your system yet this summer, you will need to have the firmware installed ASAP. If you will not use the system until fall or spring fieldwork, the problem will be fixed by installing the regular pre-season firmware that Ag Leader normally releases to dealers before fieldwork begins. If your system is on current firmware, this update should not take more than 30 minutes once the technician is on-site. If your system is not on current firmware, all previous firmwares will need to be installed, in their order of release, for us to be able to install the most current firmware that will make your system functional again.

Service Plan customers will receive this on-site firmware update at NO CHARGE as a benefit of having a current HTS Ag Service Plan. All other customers will be charged our normal hourly labor rate of $125/hr. including drive time. Please call 1-800-741-3305 to learn more about this issue or to schedule a technician to come onsite and install your firmware.

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