HTS Ag's 20th Anniversary Celebration & Technology Showcase

The morning was kicked off with a quick look back at the last 20 years. We dove into the progress we've experienced as the industry matured that has gotten to where we are today. We had great participation from our key vendors as well, and everyone enjoyed the steaks and cupcakes as we spent the day together.

After lunch we had a couple training sessions on the precision technology we sell and support, and also a plot day out in the field looking at our newest offering – seed from Beck's Hybrids. Sonny Beck flew over in his jet to be with us and gave the closing session in the morning. Multiple people expressed how they could see why we partnered with the Becks team – our cultures are very much a match and our passion to help farmers succeed lines up exactly. We certainly believe we have a bright future working closely with them, and all our vendors we have selected.

Brian Grete with Pro Farmer shared that the outlook on the farm markets is strong for beef and pork and a bit upward for the grains. He told the crowd that if the price reaches what they hope, they don't sell but want a bit more, and when it climbs to that level, they do the same things again and want to wait for more. Then it falls and they won't sell because it wasn't as good as it was. It is human nature to always want more – but farmers have a big case of ‘not enough' that plagues them.

One of the things that was discussed during the presentations was the impact of consolidation. In seed, we're down to about four nationals and then some strong regionals like Becks. The secret today is picking the right horse so you are still in the game when the consolidation is over. Interesting times in the world we live in – not only in agriculture but IT and everywhere else too!


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