Using AgFiniti® with SMS™ Software  
AgFiniti's most recent updates have made your data and information available from anywhere you are! Maps and reports are available on your favorite mobile devices and seamlessly sync with your supported Ag Leader displays* and AgFiniti® Mobile. How does SMS Software fit into the mix? Can you use your soil sampling data and as applied data to validate your proposed fertilizing and seeding recommendations? Absolutely!

Seeing your data from SMS on your AgFiniti account is simple and easy!
  1. Login to with your SMS credentials
  2. Accept the terms of use
  3. Export your data!
Check out this video on how to export your maps from SMS to view on AgFiniti for FREE!**

Ready to send prescriptions, guidance lines, boundaries, or other data to your field displays? Use SMS to export those files wirelessly through AgFiniti by following the steps below:
  1. Create a Device Setup within SMS with your desired information
  2. Chose the "Export to AgFiniti" option
  3. Select the display your files will be used in
  4. Export
Once exported, your files will then be available to download from your supported Ag Leader displays*! This process requires the purchase of an annual AgFiniti Essentials license.

*Supported Ag Leader displays include: InCommand™ 1200/800, Ag Leader® Integra, and Versa™ displays
**Acre limits apply

Using AgFiniti Mobile with SMS Software

Have you heard about the AgFiniti Mobile app? Do you use SMS and want to use the mobile app to view your data? Its simple, here's how:
  1. Login to
  2. Purchase an AgFiniti Essentials License
  3. Export your maps from SMS
  4. Download the AgFiniti Mobile app onto your iPad®
  5. Login to the app and view your data
That's it! Your maps and reports will now be available on both AgFiniti Cloud and AgFiniti Mobile. Any new data uploaded to either, will be automatically synced with both AgFiniti Cloud and AgFiniti Mobile. No additional steps required! | Like us on Facebook | Follow us on Twitter!

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