July 2016
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Mark July 26 for the Iowa Women in Agriculture Annual Conference

Sharing Solutions is the theme of the 10th annual Iowa Women in Agriculture Conference at the FFA Enrichment Center in Ankeny on July 26. The Conference will offer opportunities for valuable take-aways on an array of current farm challenges: marketing strategies for low commodity prices, financial risk management, transition hurdles, high cash rental rates, and bootstraps for beginning farmers.

The one-day Conference runs from 8:15 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.

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SureDrive Helps Planter Better Manage Curves in the Field

Check out the article in Successful Farming magazine featuring our own Adam Gittins and Ag Leader's new SureDrive.

Adam Gittins knew that when his planter rounded a curve in his fields, the outside of the implement traveled at a faster speed while the inside moved slower.

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Benefits of In-Bin Grain Moisture Monitoring

by Chandra B. Singh, Ph.D., P.Eng. and Ron Larson, M.Sc., P.Eng.

The grain moisture at the time of harvest is often much higher than required for safe storage and processing. Storage of freshly harvested crop is challenging as high moisture grain is highly susceptible to spoilage due to the high rate of respiration, producing heat and mold growth leading to potential development of mycotoxins. The high moisture grain in combination with high temperature is at the greatest risk of spoilage whereas cold and dry grain can be safely stored for longer period.

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HTS Ag Bin Service Plans

If you have an Integris Pro grain monitoring system, HTS Ag offers a service plan that can help you keep your system running in top shape so you can keep your grain in optimal condition. We have two service plan options available.

The first option is a Remote Service Plan. This includes:

Grain Monitoring- With our service plan, alerts are sent to our team who will take care of any issues remotely, before you knew there was a problem. Note: We are no longer responding to high temp or rate of change alarms. These indicate grain condition problems which are outside the scope of our service.

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AgLeader Summer Programs
Ag Leader has some great summer programs that are out now!

The first is an OnTrac 3 upgrade program. You can upgrade from an OnTrac 2 or OnTrac 2+ to an InCommand 1200 and an OnTrac 3 and get $2000.00 off!

Ag Leader also has a great financing program available right now. This program applies to all Ag Leader products, including the new SureDrives. This offer is available until September 30th, 2016.

Contact HTS Ag at 1-800-741-3305 or email sales@htsag.com for more information.

New InCommand, Ag Leader Integra / Versa / Compass Display Firmware Available

by Sam Worley, Ag Leader

Ag Leader is pleased to announce the release of firmware version 1.2 for the InCommand and version 7.0 for the Ag Leader Integra, Versa and Compass displays. Firmware is available for download here.

In addition to several maintenance items, one large feature included in version 1.2 for InCommand 1200 and InCommand 800 is forage yield mapping and machine guidance for CLAAS forage harvesters. We will have more information on this available in the coming days.

To read about all the great features please see the full release notes here: Version 1.2 InCommand

HTS Ag Integra Display Trade-In Program

We are pleased to offer an Integra trade-in program. For a limited time, you are able to trade in your fully functioning Integra Display for an InCommand 800 or 1200 Display.

This trade-in program gives you the opportunity to upgrade to the latest technology and take advantage of the many benefits of the new features available on the InCommand Displays. It also eliminates the hassle of selling your used Integra or having it sit on the shelf.

Some of the highlighted features on the InCommand Displays include...

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Clearance Corner
Direct Command Custom Kit for 2007 and Newer Spracoupe 7X50
AG Sprayer Kit- Direct command (2007 and Newer Spracoupe 7X50)
Price: $1,622.00

We've updated our website!

Check it out at www.htsag.com.

PFI Field Day

HTS Ag will be at a PFI Field Day hosted by The Bakehouse Family – Maple Edge Farm on Wednesday July 27th from 10am to 1 pm. To learn more about this field day or other PFI Field Days please go here.

Becks Hybrids is having their Iowa Field Show in Colfax on August 9th from 9am to 4 pm. You can pre-register to attend the show at www.BecksHybrids.com/RSVP and be entered to win a gun safe or a plasma cutter.

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