June 2016
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Ag Leader Introduces SureDrive™

Ag Leader has come out with its own electric drive called SureDrive™ As well as improving meter performance and section control, SureDrive has the ability to instantly adjust population rates and maintain consistent seed spacing despite changes in the field, changes to planter speed, or on curves and headlands. As with most Ag Leader products, the SureDrive is “color-blind”, built to install on most major planter brands on the market. The efficient, yet high torque electric drive motor isn’t tied to a specific brand or type of seed meter making it able to work on the meter and planter you already have.

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New InCommand, Ag Leader® Integra/Versa/Compass Display Firmware Available
by Sam Worley, Ag Leader

Ag Leader is pleased to announce the release of firmware version 1.2 for the InCommand™ and version 7.0 for the Ag Leader® Integra, Versa and Compass displays. Firmware is available for download here:

In addition to several maintenance items, one large feature included in version 1.2 for InCommand 1200 and InCommand 800 is forage yield mapping and machine guidance for CLAAS forage harvesters. We will have more information on this available in the coming days.

To read about all the great features please see the full release notes here:
Version 1.2 InCommand
SMS™ Basic / Advanced v16.5 is now available!

Version 16.5 of SMS is released! Updates include:
  • Mappable data exported from SMS to AgFiniti can be used as a reference when taking notes with pictures on your favorite mobile device*
  • Added new automatic gridding/interpolation options
  • Improved process for detecting and entering missing property values
  • Enhanced support for Ag Leader®, RDS, and Satloc® file formats
  • Added support for 16-bit imagery
*SMS Basic and SMS Advanced users current in the yearly maintenance program get 3,000 and 15,000 acres respectively of mappable data in AgFiniti Cloud for FREE. Additional acres can be purchased from your Ag Leader dealer by purchasing an AgFiniti Essentials or AgFiniti Area/Storage Extension license.

SMS v16.5 Release Notes

How to Update

Before upgrading, we highly recommend making backups of your projects ahead of time. This can be done by going to Services - Backup/Restore Project(s).

We recommend updating through SMS whenever possible. To do this, go to Help - Check for Updates in SMS.

Please watch the video here to learn more about the update process before upgrading.

If you are running Microsoft Vista, or run into issues with the Check for Updates tool, you will need to manually download SMS from our knowledgebase.

HTS Ag Integra Display Trade-in Program

We are pleased to offer an Integra trade-in program. For a limited time, you are able to trade in your fully functioning Integra Display for an InCommand 800 or 1200 Display. This trade-in program gives you the opportunity to upgrade to the latest technology and take advantage of the many benefits of the new features available on the InCommand Displays. It also eliminates the hassle of selling your used Integra or having it sit on the shelf. Some of the highlighted features on the

InCommand Displays include:
  • Tablet-like interaction
  • Touch and go homescreen apps
  • Split screen view
  • Row by row mapping

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Benefits of In-Bin Grain Moisture Monitoring

by Chandra B. Singh, Ph.D., P.Eng. and Ron Larson, M.Sc., P.Eng.

The grain moisture at the time of harvest is often much higher than required for safe storage and processing. Storage of freshly harvested crop is challenging as high moisture grain is highly susceptible to spoilage due to the high rate of respiration, producing heat and mold growth leading to potential development of mycotoxins. The high moisture grain in combination with high temperature is at the greatest risk of spoilage whereas cold and dry grain can be safely stored for longer period.

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