Ag Leader Introduces SureDrive™

Ag Leader has come out with its own electric drive called SureDrive™ As well as improving meter performance and section control, SureDrive has the ability to instantly adjust population rates and maintain consistent seed spacing despite changes in the field, changes to planter speed, or on curves and headlands. As with most Ag Leader products, the SureDrive is “color-blind”, built to install on most major planter brands on the market. The efficient, yet high torque electric drive motor isn’t tied to a specific brand or type of seed meter making it able to work on the meter and planter you already have. SureDrive optimizes your existing meter and allows for consistent, responsive meter control, row shut-off, variable rate planting and turn compensation. Each SureDrive row also acts as an individual section shut off, reducing overlap, wasted seed and lodged plants. The turn compensation feature allows all meters to adjust speed individually to account for the turning planter. That means that the outside meters will speed up to keep a consistent planting population over the greater distance traveled while the inside meters will slow down. SureDrive also allows responsive variable rate control so you can easily and effectively vary the population across the whole planter. Pair SureDrive with the new InCommand 1200 display with its row-by-row detail, and you have an effective combination.

Benefits of the new SureDrive with the InCommand:
  • Maintenance free - durable sealed electric drives mount to the row unit and seed meter for simplified installation.
  • Replace aging hardware- remove old cables, harnessing, chains and drives and replace with SureDrive. Growers incorporate section control and individual row seed rate control with SureDrive.
  • Turn compensation- maintain consistent seed spacing despite changes in the field, changes to planter speed or on curves, terraces and headlands.
  • Use any meter- SureDrive is not tied to a specific meter, use the seed meter of your preference.
  • Data visibility- pairing the InCommand display with AgFiniti Mobile allows data accessibility like no other. Split screen view and instant maps on your iPad means that you have more information at your fingertips.
  • Scalable system- SeedCommand is a scalable system that allows growers to install the harnessing and modules today and grow with the same system tomorrow. Add SureDrive, individual row hydraulic downforce, vacuum pressure monitoring, seed tube monitoring at your leisure.
  • Integrated solution- through the all in one display, reduce cab clutter by incorporating machine guidance, cameras and more into the InCommand display.
SureDrives will be available to order in June 2016 and the InCommand displays are already available. We now have initial cost estimates available for the new Ag Leader Technology Gen 2 SeedCommand which includes SureDrives and row by row Hydraulic Down Force. For more information contact HTS Ag at 800-741-3305 or | Like us on Facebook | Follow us on Twitter!

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