Use AgFiniti and AgFiniti Mobile with 3rd party displays!
by Ag Leader

Non-Ag Leader display and AgFiniti?

Do you have a non-Ag Leader display, such as a John Deere™, Trimble™, Precision Planting™ or other third party display and want to utilize the new AgFiniti updates? Not a problem! AgFiniti and the AgFiniti Mobile app can utilize data from most precision ag displays as long as it's processed in SMS desktop software first! If you utilize SMS software today and are current in the software maintenance program, follow these simple steps to start utilizing AgFiniti at no cost to you!

  1. Log into with your SMS username and password and accept the terms of use.
  2. Read your files into your SMS desktop software (Basic or Advanced)
  3. Utilizing the Device Setup Utility and an internet connection, export your desired information to AgFiniti
    • 1. Acre limits do apply: SMS Basic users get 3,000 acres within AgFiniti | SMS Advanced users get 15,000 acres within AgFiniti. Additional acres can be purchased through an Ag Leader dealer.
    • 2. Here's a quick video on how to export:

  4. Enjoy access to your data from any device through an HTML web browser!
    • 1. Watch this video to learn how to view data in AgFiniti:

Want access to your maps and information without an internet connection? Want to see your data on the AgFiniti Mobile app? When a yearly AgFiniti Essentials license is added to your account, you can start seamlessly and effortlessly syncing information between the AgFiniti Cloud and the AgFiniti Mobile app! Just log in and your maps and reports simply appear! Learn more about the AgFiniti Mobile app below:

What's new with AgFiniti?

The AgFiniti Cloud-Based platform continues to evolve, this time adding a host of new features aimed at creating a seamless data management platform for beginner and advanced data users alike! Features such as:
  • Maps and reports of your data are automatically created! Logged field data from InCommand and Ag Leader Integra or Versa displays is automatically processed within AgFiniti, no button presses required!
  • Seamless data synchronization between AgFiniti, AgFiniti Mobile, InCommand™ as well as Ag Leader Integra or Versa displays.
  • Ability to transfer shapefiles and ISOXML files to and from InCommand displays.
  • Implementation of additional decision support tools that allow you to determine specific location information for a specified area, to help in making better management decisions.
  • Sync your data with SMS Software for more in-depth analysis and reporting.
This is all apart of a vision for a seamless data management environment. Making your data as accessible to you as possible! When your data is easy to get to, you can make your day to day management decisions from anywhere and on any mobile device! | Like us on Facebook | Follow us on Twitter!

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