April 2017
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GeoSteer and ParaDyme Firmware Update  Seven Ways to Use Drone Mapping on the Farm This Season  4 Quick Ways AgFiniti Can Make Life Easier This Spring  Version 17.2 of SMS has been released!  Benefits of In-Bin Grain Moisture Monitoring  Inventory Reduction Sale!  Take Advantage of Our Customer Referral Program Today!
GeoSteer and ParaDyme Firmware Update

On December 31, 2016, a positive leap second was added to the Universal Time Clock (UTC) for GNSS. Adding this leap second aligns the UTC with the Atomic Time Clock, eliminating errors caused by the changing rotation of the Earth.

ParaDyme™ and GeoSteer® users with GLONASS enabled systems may experience performance and satellite tracking issues after the leap second is added to the UTC time.

Systems experiencing issues listed above must update firmware to the appropriate version to restore proper GNSS tracking performance.

ParaDyme: 4.0.32859 Firmware required
GeoSteer: 2.0.32858 Firmware required
GPS 6500: 6.41 and newer firmware not affected

Seven Ways to Use Drone Mapping on the Farm This Season

By Drone Deploy

DroneDeploy users find many applications for drones in agriculture

As one ag industry expert put it, using a drone on the farm is like being able to see your field from a 10,000-foot altitude, but also being able to zoom in to two inches above the plants. Growers are increasingly discovering that drone mapping is an invaluable tool, both for its ease of use, and for its many applications on the farm.

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4 Quick Ways AgFiniti Can Make Life Easier This Spring

By Ag Leader

Have you been thinking about adding a cloud-based platform to your tool belt? With spring upon us, there’s no better time than now. AgFiniti® makes your data management easier than ever before. Take a look at a few real-world examples of how you can use AgFiniti and the AgFiniti® Mobile app this spring:

Situation: Dad does a lot of the planting while you work in town during the day and you want to be to see what he’s doing.

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SMS Basic/Advanced Users: Version 17.2 of SMS has been released!
See the release notes here
Benefits of In-Bin Grain Moisture Monitoring

By OPI Integris

High Harvest Grain Moisture

The grain moisture at the time of harvest is often much higher than required for safe storage and processing. Storage of freshly harvested crop is challenging as high moisture grain is highly susceptible to spoilage due to the high rate of respiration, producing heat and mold growth leading to potential development of mycotoxins. The high moisture grain in combination with high temperature is at the greatest risk of spoilage whereas cold and dry grain can be safely stored for longer period. Mold growth is prohibited if relative humidity (RH) is below 70% corresponding to 14-15% moisture content in cereal grains and 9-10% in oil seeds. Therefore grains should be dried to this moisture range, aerated, and monitored continuously for long term safe storage.

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