DisplayCast Unlock Available Now!

Ag Leader announced in August that DisplayCast, which adds real-time, display-to-display communication in the InCommand 1200 and InCommand 800 would be coming available- and it is here!

Display information, including maps and guidance lines, synced across field activities increases productivity and immediate decision-making. Sharing data between multiple displays running in the same field, running in different fields, or running across the operation is now seamless.
InCommand displays will share coverage maps for swath control, guidance lines, field summary information, yield and planting maps and more. No matter the season, there is always a short window of time to optimize productivity. Having guidance lines, coverage maps and other valuable decision-making data helps growers run at full speed.

Farms running more than one combine, planter or other machine can now be completely in-tune with what is happening in each implement. Sharing variety maps from the planter's display to the combine during harvest makes data readily available without flash drives and desktop software.

For more information about how DisplayCast works, contact HTS Ag at 800-741-3305 or email sales@htsag.com.
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