July 2017
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HTG Legacy Summit: Making Your Business A Family Legacy

Learn essential steps to transition your business to family and plan, grow and leave a legacy that will impact the business long after you pass the reigns to the next generation. This may be one of the most important decisions you make for you and your family!

Ag Leader Summer Specials Are Here!

Summer is here, and so are our summer deals! Take advantage of this opportunity to get your growers InCommand of their entire operation.

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Why Grain Storage Management Matters

By Dave Crompton, CEO, OPIsystems

Growers invest a lot to produce a crop, from before the seed hits the ground through to harvest, yet still run the risk of shrinkage or over-drying during storage. Of the 20+ billion bushels of US on-farm storage, less than 10% is equipped with monitoring. That leaves a lot of hard work and investment at risk from shrink, spoilage, and lower market value. With all the investment and technology that goes into producing a crop, why stop short when the grain hits the bin?

Follow this 4-step program to ensure a positive result from your storage program:

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InCommand: So Simple Dad Can Teach You!

By Ag Leader

By now, many of you have seen our national ad campaign, in which we playfully explain our InCommand™ displays are "So Simple Dad Can Teach You."

In response, we've heard everything from believers who say, "True, my dad still owns a flip phone but he sure loves his InCommand display," to skeptics saying, "I'd like to see him try it. My dad won't even consider precision technology because he thinks it's complicated."

No matter where you are at on the technology (or age) spectrum, the point is, you've gotta try it for yourself.

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Ag Leader is 25 Years Old!
Ag Leader is having a 25th Anniversary Celebration on Friday, August 4th, 2017 from 12pm - 5pm! For 25 years, Ag Leader has led the way for the precision farming industry. Help them celebrate 25 years of innovation and take a look at what is coming by joining the Ag Leader team at their campus in Ames, Iowa. They will provide lunch, facility tours, plot tours and field demonstrations. This event is FREE and open to all who would like to join them. Reserve your ticket today here.
HTS Ag will have our Tech Trailer at the Iowa LICA Midwest Expo and Field Day!

The Iowa Chapter of Land Improvement Contractors of America is having an Expo and Field Day on July 26th - July 27th at the Iowa LICA Farm east of Melbourne, Iowa. See here for more information.
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