November 2017
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Bird's Eye Benefits in Agriculture: Commercial UAV Expo  Ag Leader Simplifies Connectivity in the Cab  Five Reasons Why You Need A Guidance System   What is Decision Paralysis?   Attend SMS Training to Turn Your Operational Goals into Reality  Grain Management Strategies for Winter Holding  Take Advantage of Our Customer Referral Program Today!
Bird's Eye Benefits in Agriculture: Commercial UAV Expo
By Cody Vanderholm, HTS Ag

I had the opportunity to go to Las Vegas earlier this month for the Commercial UAV Expo. There was a large wealth of information attained at the conference. When you walk through the convention hall and see all the companies and displays that are relative to the drone industry, your head is just spinning looking around to see who or what you want to look at more in depth.

I think as a business, we want to focus on what customers want and need help with and then how we can support them going forward. This can also be things that they don’t know they will need just yet. The drone market is multiplying faster than anyone ever thought and the practical use of them has come. That scares people. Change had always caused fear in the eye of people especially for farmers and other industries. This change is good. I will be the first to say that I was skeptical at first but the more I learn, the more I'm wheels up. (Pun intended.)

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Ag Leader Simplifies Connectivity in the Cab

By Ag Leader

Building upon its vision of full farm connectivity, Ag Leader announces InCommand display users will be able to access all in-cab, internet-based functionality through a single data connection source. Today's farmers need a simple way to access a reliable internet connection in the cab for precise machine control requiring RTK correction and to connect the entire farm with realtime and historical maps and data. With the firmware release in February, InCommand displays will have the ability to connect to NTRIP networks for RTK corrections and Ag Leader's cloud-based data management platform, AgFiniti, through the same connection source using one cellular data plan.

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Five Reasons Why You Need A Guidance System

By Ag Leader

Are you on the fence about adding a guidance system to your operation? With options ranging from an entry-level assisted steering system, all the way to a fully integrated steering system, it's worth taking a look at. Here are five reasons why.

You're Wasting Money — There's a reason this one leads off the list — it's a BIG deal. Without a guidance system, it's really hard telling how much extra input (seed, fertilizer, chemical) you're putting down unnecessarily because your passes are overlapping. On the other hand, you may also be skipping large sections between passes.

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What is Decision Paralysis?
by Chad Swindoll, Ag Leader

We live and work in a culture replete with options. Producers face countless decisions regarding the big three – seed, chemical, fertilizer, and a long list of other items. If we look at seed alone, how many choices are there? Hundreds! The adoption of technology on farms has given growers the potential for improved decision making.

Yet in reality, many producers are overwhelmed with options and underwhelmed with results. The rapid development within the ag service provider marketplace has produced a condition I term Decision Paralysis.
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Attend SMS™ Training to Turn Your Operational Goals into Reality

Beginning in October, you can join Ag Leader for SMS Training at the Ag Leader Academy in Ames, IA. With SMS Basic, SMS Advanced and SMS Certified I courses scheduled, all users can find a class that fits their needs and experience level. Sign up for a class here.
Grain Management Strategies for Winter Holding
By Dave Crompton, CEO, OPIsystems

Drying corn to target moisture might have already been accomplished by now, or might be underway depending on harvest moisture, location, crop maturity, and time of harvest. However, winter is quickly approaching, so grain has to be conditioned as soon as possible for safe winter storage. Safe grain storage is highly dependent on grain moisture and temperature, and the combination of these would determine the safe storage period and/or the spoilage risk. Dry and cool grain can be safely stored for a longer duration (6-12 months), however, it is often difficult to achieve these goals due to several factors such as wet crop, delayed harvest, insufficient aeration and drying systems, and poor management strategies. Different management approaches for winter holding will be required based on the grain moisture.
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