March 2018
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Save the Date for HTS Ag Customer Trainings!    We Are Ag Leader - Adam Gittins  What Can SureDrive Do For You?  SureDrive Turn Compensation  Airflow Rate is Key to the Natural Air Drying of Grain   AgriSync Releases Major Update to Increase Effectiveness In Ag Advisors' Response and Resolution Process   Save Time and Money in 2018   Don't forget to renew subscriptions  Take Advantage of Our Customer Referral Program Today!
Save the Date for HTS Ag Customer Trainings!

Save the date for HTS Ag's Customer Trainings! Join us Tuesday March 27th in Shenandoah, Iowa, Wednesday March 28th in Harlan, Iowa or Thursday March 29th in Waterloo, Iowa. Training will be from 9am to 1pm, lunch will be provided! Please call 1-800-741-3305, email or go to to register!
We Are Ag Leader - Adam Gittins
By Marisa Kuha, Ag Leader

Our dedicated dealer network is the backbone of our company. Take a second to meet some of the local precision experts across the country, and around the world.

What is your name, position, dealership & location: Adam Gittins, General Manager at HTS Ag. Our headquarters are in Harlan, Iowa, with staff across the state of Iowa.

How long have you been selling Ag Leader products? I started working with Ag Leader products when I worked in Tech Support for Ag Leader in 2001. I quickly saw the economic value of technology on the farm, and served in a sales capacity for Ag Leader, working trade shows, customer trainings, and other events. I moved to southwest Iowa and started working for HTS Ag in 2005. This year makes 17 years I have been selling and working with Ag Leader products.

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What Can SureDrive Do For You?

By Ag Leader

I do not have to tell you how crucial seed spacing and singulation is to yield, it’s an item all farmers know. The main purpose of SureDrive® is to provide consistent meter control for the purpose of optimal singulation and seed spacing.

But it's more than that. Less maintenance, simplified electrical and mechanical components on the planter and an easy install are additional pluses of the SureDrive electric planter drive.

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SureDrive Turn Compensation

By Chad Swindoll, Ag Leader

The inner and outer rows of a planter travel faster or slower than the center of the planter when turning. Seeds planted on interior rows are spaced too closely. Seeds on exterior rows are spaced too far apart.

SureDrive compensates through turns to maintain correct seed spacing by adjusting the speed of the seed meter at each row to preserve yield lost by conventional planters through misplaced seeds.

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Airflow Rate is Key to the Natural Air Drying of Grain
By OPI Integris

Natural air drying uses the drying potential of unheated natural air to dry the damp/moist grain to safe storage moisture levels. Natural air drying minimizes energy consumption and improves grain quality. The success of natural air drying depends on several factors such as seasonal local weather conditions, initial grain moisture, grain type, and in-bin aeration system design. However, airflow rate is the key to effective and timely drying of grain for long term safe storage.

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AgriSync Releases Major Update to Increase Effectiveness In Ag Advisors' Response and Resolution Process
By Joanna King

WAUKEE, IA — AgriSync recently released a major update to its app, which will enhance the leading collaboration and service management tool for professional ag advisors and their farm customers. With AgriSync's new features, experts will be capable of modernizing the service experience by receiving and solving problems remotely.

"We listened to feedback from our customers and worked alongside our customers to create and deliver new features that help them have a centralized and connected service team, even when mobile," AgriSync President Casey Niemann said.

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Save Time and Money in 2018

Many of you have experienced the frustration of technology that doesn't perform up to your standards. This can not only be a headache, but can be costly when calculating down time of a machine in season. For example, an agronomist that I talked with recently claimed yield loss reached 1 bushel per acre, per day on soybeans planted after the optimum date. HTS Ag has come up with 2 ways to combat this potential down-time, and reduce the frustration that can come with in-season technology challenges.
  1. HTS Ag Connected Support
    This plan included phone and remote support with AgriSync software, allowing us to see what you see. We work extra hours in the spring and fall to keep you running, from 7am to 10pm Monday - Saturday, and 12pm - 6pm on Sunday. Unlimited support for the year is only $650!
  2. HTS Ag Connected Support + On-site Visits
    A trained eye across your machine pre-season could potentially save you down-time and a parts run once you get in the field. In addition to the connected support listed above, one of our trained staff will make a visit to your farm before you go to the field each season, updating firmware, testing equipment, and getting your machine field ready. Once you are in the field, you can concentrate on the task you are there to complete, not fighting with technology to get it working the way you want it to. On-site visits with connected support for the year within an hour of our locations is only $1200!
Contact HTS Ag at 712-794-7992 or email for more information or to sign up!
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