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Guard Your Grain By Investing In Grain Bin Technology
By Laurie Bedord, Successful Farming at

Iowa farmers protect their assets in the bin by investing in technology.

The grain bin has become an important tool in your marketing plan. While in storage, you must ensure that crop maintains its quality and is in good condition once it's time to haul. Yet, every year you might have problems with corn sticking to walls, crusting on top, or plugging center wells – all of which are signs that proper steps were not taken to safeguard the precious commodity.

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Tips From Tech: Clearing Bounds

Sometimes when your guidance lines and mapping data aren’t showing up on your screen, the solution may be as simple as clearing bounds. The clear bounds button can be used to fix issues when you have flyer points. Flyer points are instances of logged data when you have instances of logged data several miles apart. What can happen is that two logged points are so far away that the map pans out enough to encompass both points. Then you can no longer see the coverage map.

Example: Joe Farmer went home for lunch and lowered his site verification planter. After lunch, Joe Farmer loaded his next field operation in the display and drove 4 miles to the field. He lowers the planter and begins planting. Everything is working, but no coverage map is created. This could be a clear bounds issue. Pressing the clear bounds button will center the map based on the GPS receiver’s position.

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Liquid Application Tips for Success

By Ag Leader

These days growers are faced with a host of application challenges. Ensuring your sprayer is properly calibrated for spray drift, Roundup resistance and chemical efficacy are just a few challenges to overcome. Fortunately, there are five Ag Leader DirectCommand ISOBUS liquid control tools from that can help remedy many of these pressing topics.

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Do-It-Yourself Field Tiling

By Ag Leader

At a time when grain markets continue to strain row crop revenue potential, many farmers are taking steps to do all they can to maximize productivity and yields.

Excess water is a common yield robber with corn and other crops. For farmers with heavy, moisture-retaining soils, or slow draining areas in a field, installing drainage tile can improve overall productivity.

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OPI Blue's Latest Innovation to Protect and Optimize Grain from Harvest to Market
By OPI Integris

Today's agriculture routinely uses sophisticated technologies to meet increased demands, provide analytics, enhance control and convenience, and deliver greater production capabilities. At OPI our mission is to provide growers with the best grain management technology to deliver peace-of-mind while protecting and optimizing grain from harvest to market.

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Drone Deploy Releases a Complete Drone Software Solution for Ag Professionals

Understand what's happening in your fields and make smarter crop management decisions with the Precision Ag Package from DroneDeploy

Agriculture is one of the fastest-growing markets in the commercial drone industry. And it's no wonder why. UAVs are quickly becoming the go-to tool for gathering crop intelligence, increasing efficiency in the field and enabling smarter crop management decisions. But many drone solutions aren't built with Ag pros — or the unique, seasonal challenges you face — in mind. That's why we're excited to announce our latest offering tailored for the agriculture industry, the DroneDeploy Precision Ag Package.

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