Tips from Tech: Clearing Bounds

Sometimes when your guidance lines and mapping data aren’t showing up on your screen, the solution may be as simple as clearing bounds. The clear bounds button can be used to fix issues when you have flyer points. Flyer points are instances of logged data when you have instances of logged data several miles apart. What can happen is that two logged points are so far away that the map pans out enough to encompass both points. Then you can no longer see the coverage map.

Example: Joe Farmer went home for lunch and lowered his site verification planter. After lunch, Joe Farmer loaded his next field operation in the display and drove 4 miles to the field. He lowers the planter and begins planting. Everything is working, but no coverage map is created. This could be a clear bounds issue. Pressing the clear bounds button will center the map based on the GPS receiver’s position.

Preventing flyer points: The best way to prevent flyer points would be to have a field boundary for all the grower’s fields in the display. Be mindful of logging points outside the field. You may consider waiting until you get to the field before loading the field operation in the display. Any flyer points created can be deleted in SMS.

Clear Bounds Button Presses for InCommand, Integra/Versa & Insight:

InCommand Clear Bounds Button Presses-

The clear bounds button can be found on all InCommand versions by accessing the Menu button in the upper left corner of the mapping screen. Select the Event Option, then select Clear Map Bounds.

Integra/Versa Clear Bounds Button Presses-

The clear bounds button can be found, on versions 5.2 and newer, by simply pressing the events wrench:

And from the event options, press clear map bounds.

Insight Clear Bounds Button Presses-

Press the wrench (setup) button:

Press Grower-Field Management:

Press the field tab and highlight the field you are in:

Press the edit button in the right corner:

Then press Clear Bounds. Press exit and navigate back, or simply press the running man button to view the map. | Like us on Facebook | Follow us on Twitter!

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