October 2018
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New Planter Tech Comparison & Consideration
Adam Gittins, HTS Ag

There has been no shortage of planter technology to hit the market over the last several months, and although much of the technology is very beneficial, it is NOT all created equal.

High speed planters are all the buzz right now, and here is the most important piece of information I can offer – If you don’t have hydraulic down force, you don't have a high speed planter. The only chance of reacting quick enough to allow faster planting speeds is with hydraulic down force. If you have airbags or springs on the planter, the rest of the technology doesn’t matter. You simply cannot maintain proper depth, and therefore I would suggest slowing down.

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InterDrone: What's Next
Cody Vanderholm, HTS Ag

InterDrone: The International Drone Conference & Exposition is the largest drone conference and exposition. There were sessions and speakers packed into this conference. The sessions at the conference ranged from Construction, Mining and Aggregates, Precision Agriculture, Surveying and Mapping, Energy Inspection, Infrastructure Inspection, and Public Safety. Per their website, InterDrone states this conference is where the industry congregates to learn about the newest commercial drone technologies from top speakers.

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Let Live Stats Improve Your Harvesting Operation

By Ag Leader

Sometimes talking on the phone or CB is fun, but not in the heat of harvesting.

Have you ever just wanted a way to show members of your harvest team where you're at, the current yield or moisture, or which direction you're heading?

With AgFiniti's recent announcement, now all connected devices in your harvest operation can see and share vital information.

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Grain Management Strategies for Winter Holding

By Dave Crompton, CEO, OPIsystems

Drying corn to target moisture might have already been accomplished by now, or might be underway depending on harvest moisture, location, crop maturity, and time of harvest. However, winter is quickly approaching, so grain has to be conditioned as soon as possible for safe winter storage.

Safe grain storage is highly dependent on grain moisture and temperature, and the combination of these would determine the safe storage period and/or the spoilage risk. Dry and cool grain can be safely stored for a longer duration (6-12 months), however, it is often difficult to achieve these goals due to several factors such as wet crop, delayed harvest, insufficient aeration and drying systems, and poor management strategies.

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Tips From Tech: Update: Using AgFiniti DisplayCast
By Ag Leader

Are you using AgFiniti's DisplayCast feature in your operation this fall? Support has put together this handy list of best practices.

1. Make sure each combine has a unique name.

2. Combines need the same product and to be on the same event. Have the first combine setup event, sync, then additional displays (other combines, grain carts, etc.) can all be on the same event.

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Six Tips For A Smooth-Sailing Harvest
By Ag Leader

Despite some excess late-season moisture in some areas, the fall harvest season is right around the corner for many around the Midwest. Most farmers fall into one of two categories — they've either fully embraced the looming season, pumpkin spice latte in hand, and have already gotten the combine out and prepped, or they're grasping onto the last few days of summer and ignoring the changing color of the fields. Either way, it's important for growers to prepare their Ag Leader displays in advance of hitting the fields this fall. Here are six easy steps to ensure a smooth season ahead.

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Don't Forget Your Fill Dates!

When working with an OPI grain management system, both the Integris Pro and the OPI Blue systems rely on the fill date of the bin being entered in the system to function properly. While you are entering the fill date, it's also a good time to select grain type, and pick out the moisture curve you want to use.

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