UAV Expo Takes on Vegas
By Kyle Fischer, HTS Ag

On October 28 through October 30th HTS Ag’s Adam Gittins and Kyle Fischer attended the 2019 UAV expo in Las Vegas Nevada. The 3-day event included new product announcements, product demonstrations, and workshops. Keynote speakers from the FAA, NASA, and Uber addressed the conference on where they forecasted the UAV industry may be going.

Monday started off with field product demonstrations from several vendors. Autel Robotics gave us a teaser on their new thermal drone that is due to be released in early 2020. Aerovironment showed us how their fixed wing hybrid drone can cover large areas and map them quickly, accurately, and create useful maps for agriculture. FLIR gave us the latest and greatest offering to equip your exchangeable payload drones to capture thermal imaging to map growing crops or search and rescue. Lidar showed us how their emergency parachute for your drone works to prevent injury to people and the aircraft if it would ever drop out of the sky unexpectedly. A big thank you to Sundance Media Group for putting this demonstration on.

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent in the breakout session rooms and exhibit hall. With agriculture being our focus, we spent most of the time looking for improved ways to upload data and process it into useable forms. DroneDeploy and Pix4D are still our go to picks for ease of use and product quality. The biggest takeaway from the exhibit hall is the Cattle- Counter app; it is compatible with the DJI interface and uses artificial intelligence and a designated flight path option to count cattle on rangeland or pasture. We also got an update from Boeing on how they plan to integrate drones into transporting people in an efficient and convenient fashion. This technology is changing every day for the better and we are excited to see where it goes.

We know in agriculture that technology is always changing, and drones are no different. There are many up and coming products as well as the tried and true drones that can make data collection easier for your operation. If you would like to know more about our trip or are interested in a drone, please get a hold of us here at HTS Ag! | Like us on Facebook | Follow us on Twitter!

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