OPI Blue Troubleshooting
By Brandon Fischer, HTS Ag

With crops being harvested at higher moisture than what we typically see, it’s critical to make sure that your OPI BLUE system is working properly. Here are a few tips and tricks to help troubleshoot your system.

Fig 1
If all the cables have an asterisk next to every temperature and moisture reading (fig 1), first thing to check is to make sure that your internet is working. If it is, you may need to restart the gateway.

Fig 2
To do this you go to the gateway enclosure box, which is usually next to your internet router and flip both power buttons to the off position (fig. 2). The bright blue lights will then turn off. Once the lights are off, wait 30 seconds and then flip switches back on. This should reset the gateway and you should receive readings within the hour. While you are at the gateway enclosure, it’s always best to make sure all ethernet connections are tightly in position. Also check to see if the port on the router where the gateway hooks up is lit up.

If a cable is showing err. on the whole cable, you should check to make sure that the connection right next to the top of the cable is securely hooked up. If it is hooked up, you potentially have a bad cable and you should call us at 712-794-7992 to determine next steps.

For automatic fan control there are 2 settings. One is NAD (natural air dry) and the other is aeration. NAD is used when the crop has high moisture and you are wanting to dry it down. You would switch over to aeration when crop is at your target condition and used to maintain the grain.

Fig 3
If you receive an error on the fan control page saying that there was no pressure change, make sure you have the fan switched to automatic. If it is on automatic, you can start the fan from the web interface and then look at the relay. If the green light turns on (fig 3), we are sending proper signal from the OPI system and you would then need to talk to your electrician to figure out if it’s a wiring or motor issue.

Automated fan control has proven to be of great value to this system. We have seen it on our own farms and customers, properly dry and maintain crops without damage throughout the whole year. If you are currently only using the monitoring system the fan control can be added at any time and can save you 40% - 80% on total fan run time, as well help prevent from over/ under drying your corn.

As always, we are here to help you, the customers, with any questions you might have. We not only sell/service the systems, but are also big believers and users of the system.
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