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Where we’ve been

We entered the world of precision agriculture in 1995 -- before it was considered mainstream. We were first known as Western Iowa GPS. The early years were focused on aerial imagery, yield monitoring, soil testing, mapping as well as some equipment manufacturing and sales. The early part of our GPS practice could be described as “on the bleeding edge,” as it was slow going and sometimes painful... we were just ahead of our time. The team grew to four before we retooled in 2001, as we rolled the practice into our mainstream business known as HTS Precision Ag Solutions, a division of Heartland Technology Solutions. This put the groundwork in place for where we are today.

Our Vision: 

We strive to be the technology partner of choice by exceeding customer expectations in the delivery of technology, quality and service.

Our Mission: 

To help the Agriculture Industry efficiently and profitably feed the world.

Our Core Values: 



Team Players

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Service Plans

HTS Ag Service Plans are an important part of ensuring your technology is functioning properly. We offer both Precision Ag and Grain Management Service Plans which can include a pre-season inspection of your precision ag or grain management systems, minimizing down time due to technology. HTS Ag service plans include Agri-Sync mobile connectivity to allow farmers to get real-time support with our techs through a single app interface, saving time while getting the most out of their ag tech investments. AgriSync enables farmers and advisors to hold see-what-I-see, field level support discussions.

HTS Ag provides High Tech Solutions for Agriculture, and has grown to be one of Ag Leader’s Premier Blue Delta Dealers.

In addition to Ag Leader, we offer technology solutions from OPI Systems, Autel Robotics, DJI, DroneDeploy and more. Since 1995 we’ve been serving customers in Iowa and surrounding states.

Our expertise in Unmanned Aerial Systems over the past several years has also led us into adjacent industries like Public Safety, Construction, Real Estate and others.

Our passionate and knowledgeable team is focused on solving challenges and can create a customized technology solution for any sized farming operation to maximize our customers’ return on investment by improving efficiency, reducing cost, improving yields, increasing margins and improving environmental impact.

As professional, trusted advisors we emphasize to growers the importance of collecting, storing, protecting and analyzing data to glean information that can be used to make sound agronomic and business decisions.